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Volume: 41 • Number: 2 • Year: 2006 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
A method of electronic speckle pattern interferometry for solving some inverse problems of mechanics of elastic bodies
R. V. Goldstein, V. M. Kozintsev, A. V. Podlesnykh, A. L. Popov, and D. A. Chelyubeev
In-plane problem for P-wave propagation through elastic solids with a periodic array of cracks: oblique incidence
Edoardo Scarpetta and Vincenzo Tibullo
Interaction of a transient longitudinal shear wave with a thin rigid partially debonded inclusion
A. P. Moiseenok and V. G. Popov
Flexural edge waves in laminated anisotropic media
D. D. Zakharov
Vibrations and dynamic stability of nearly-cylindrical shells of revolution subjected to normal pressure and meridional loads
S. N. Kukudzhanov
Vibrations of strings and beams in an inhomogeneous elastic medium
L. D. Akulenko and S. V. Nesterov
Non-steady vibrations of impulsively loaded rods
V. A. Svetlitskii
Stability of the equilibrium state of an axially compressed closed circular cylindrical shell with respect to small perturbations
G. I. Kolosov
Stability of a non-potentially loaded cantilever beam restrained by an elastic spring
V. V. Bolotin, V. P. Radin, V. P. Chirkov, and A. V. Shchugorev
Stability optimization of a cantilever beam subjected to a non-conservative compressive force
V. A. Postnov and G. A. Tumashik
On the instability of a free elastic beam with non-linear internal viscosity under a follower force
S. A. Agafonov and G. A. Shcheglov
Some nonconventional buckling problems for a beam under transverse loads
D. A. Gulyaev, A. A. Zagordan, and V. I. Shalashilin
On the 3D formulation for the Novozhilov criterion for quasi-static fracture
S. A. Nazarov
Application of probabilistic methods of fracture mechanics to the risk analysis of violation of safety criteria for a reactor facility
V. A. Grigor'ev
On the description of coupled processes of deformation and damage accumulation in structures subjected to intensive loads
O. V. Trifonov
Elastohydrodynamic lubrication of a point contact subject to dynamic loading
M. Ya. Panovko
Stability of regular and chaotic vibration modes in systems with several equilibrium states
L. P. Dzubak, G. V. Manucharyan, Yu. V. Mikhlin, and T. V. Shmatko
Analysis of stochastic vibroimpact systems with inelastic impacts
L. L. Song and D. V. Iourtchenko
The 80th birthday of Professor V. V. Bolotin
Igor' Vasil'evich Novozhilov
Volume: 41 • Number: 2 • Year: 2006 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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