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Volume: 57 • Number: 5 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 26<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Quaternion Methods and Regular Models of Celestial Mechanics and Space Flight Mechanics: The Use of Euler (Rodrigues-Hamilton) Parameters to Describe Orbital (Trajectory) Motion. I: Review and Analysis of Methods and Models and Their Applications
Yu.N. Chelnokov
On the Calorific Value of a Rectilinear Elastoviscoplastic Flow, Taking into Account the Production of Heat Due to the Friction of a Material Against its Boundary Rough Surface
A.A. Burenin, L.V. Kovtanyuk, and G.L. Panchenko
The Problem of Nonlinear Cantilever Bending in Elementary Functions
K.N. Anakhaev
Action of an Oblique Seismic Wave on an Underground Pipeline
M.Sh. Israilov
Orientation of Fracture in a Brittle Solid under Conventional Triaxial Compression
I.A. Panteleev and V.A. Lyakhovsky
Existence of Normal Coordinates for Forced Oscillations of Linear Dissipative Systems
A.G. Petrov
Study of the Mechanical Properties of Thin-Film Membranes Made of Oxide and Silicon Nitride
N.A. Dyuzhev, E.E. Gusev, and M.A. Makhiboroda
Rod Suspension of Inertial Mass for Pendulum-Type SINS
Yu.K. Zhbanov and E.A. Privalov
Stationary Motions of a Close to Regular Isosceles Tetrahedron with a Fixed Point in the Central Newtonian Force Field
E.A. Nikonova
Modeling the Magnitude of the Shock Impulse During Transverse Vibrations of a Stepped Rod System Experiencing a Longitudinal Impact
A.A. Bityurin
Propagation of a Flat Shock Front in an Elastic Layer
A.V. Ilyashenko
Numerical Optimization of the Kinematic Scheme of Multi-Point Forming of Panel in the Creep Mode
K.S. Bormotin and A.A. Krivenok
Austenite Transformation of Shape Memory Alloys in the Ultrasonic Field
Ali.H. Alhilfi and A. Rusinko
Impact of Some Perturbations on the Generalized Elliptic Hill Problem
Abdullah A. Ansari, Rabah Kellil, and Shiv Kumar Sahdev
Energy Absorption and Gradient of Hybrid Honeycomb Structure with Negative Poisson's Ratio
Yuan Gao and Huaiwei Huang
Analysis of Stress and Strain of Human Skull Bone in Physical Injury
M.R. Gharib, M. Rasti, P. Danesh, A. Daneshvar, and N. Mohammadyahya
Exact Solution for Dynamic Deflection of Fluid-Conveying Nanotubes Flexibly Restrained at the Ends by Means of Greens Function Method
M. Hosseini, M. Makkiabadi, and R. Bahaadini
An indirect method to determine nonlinear-elastic shear stress-strain constitutive relationships for nonlinear torsional deformation of Al-1%Si shaft
F. Lin, J. S. Peng, S. F. Xue, and J. Yang
A Finite Element Formulation for Highly Deformable Elastoplastic Beams Accounting for Ductile Damage and Plane Stress State
J.P. Pascon and V.M. Daniel
Comparative Creep Analysis of Spherical Shell Made up of Different Materials
G. Verma and P. Thakur
Research on Energy Absorption and Gradient Optimization of Connected Four-Curved Beams Honeycomb
Yuan Gao and Huai Wei Huang
Investigation of the Retarding Mechanism of Skin on Medium-Low Speed Projectiles in the Bionic Composite Target
Cun Wen, Susu Liu, Fubao Zhang, Chengli Tang, Hao Zou, Fangdong Dong, Xiaoping Zhang, and Yanfeng Cao
Numerical Investigation of the Parametric Effect on the Strength of Filament-Wound Riser under Combined Loads
Shuang Ye, Chunjin Li, Zan Liu, Chao Kang, Honggen Zhou, and Jinfeng Liu
Non-Locality Effects on the Propagation of Shear Waves in Piezoelectric/Non-local Micropolar Layered Structure
K. Singh and S. Sawhney
Erratum to: Elastodynamic Responses of Magneto Micropolar Isotropic Media under the Gravitational Influence
Varun Kumar and Rafiya Nazir
Erratum to: Contact with Intermolecular Interactions for a Viscoelastic Layer (Self-Consistent Approach): Feature Analysis of the Indenter Approach/Retract Process
I.A. Soldatenkov
Volume: 57 • Number: 5 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 26<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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