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Volume: 57 • Number: 4 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Equilibrium of Polymer Gels in the Field of Body Forces
E.Ya. Denisyuk
Thermoelastic Behavior of an Incompressible Elastomer at Finite Strains
B.A. Zhukov
Formulation of the N-body Problem Via the Parameters of the Extended Newton Group
V.F. Chub
Protection of an Object on a Moving Base by means of Constant Control for the Case of Bounded Disturbances
V.A. Korneev
Thermal Deformation of a Body with Complex Rheology under Conditions of Spherical Symmetry
D.A. Chernyshov and A.V. Kovalev
Methods for Determining the Concentration of Microdefects in Stretchable Material Samples
D.V. Babich and T.I. Dorodnykh
Influence of Groove-Textured Surface on Sliding Friction in Contact with a Viscoelastic Material
Yu.Yu. Makhovskaya and A.V. Morozov
Stress Functions in Elasticity Theory
V.V. Vasil'ev and L.V. Fedorov
Compatibility Equations and Stress Functions in Elasticity Theory
S.A. Lurie and P.A. Belov
Dynamics of Aerodynamic Pendulum with Elasticly Fixed Suspension Point
Yu.D. Selyutskiy
On the Descent of a Skier Down a Straight Track
B.Ya. Lokshin and V.A. Samsonov
Compressible Models of Shaped Charge Jet in Water
Li Gan, Chen Xiao-wei, and Song Wen-jie
Numerical Calibration of Stress Intensity Factor for Transversely Isotropic Central Cracked Brazilian Disk
L. Huang, H.Z. Tang, Z.Q. Gan, J.Z. Huang, X. Pan, and S.M. Dong
Reflection Phenomenon of Thermoelastic Wave in a Micropolar Semiconducting Porous Medium
Hashmat Ali, Adnan Jahangir, and Ehtsham Azhar
Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves in an Elastic Layer Imperfectly Attached to a Microcontinuum Substrate
S. Deep, R. Goyal, and V. Sharma
Mathematical Simulation of Crystal Growing in Water-Salt Solutions
A.I. Prostomolotov and N.A. Verezub
Homogenization Studies of Carbon/Epoxy Composites
R.N. Naik and R. Velmurugan
Study on the Optimal Vibration Isolation Design and Effect of Composite Multilayer Wave Impeding Block in Unsaturated Soil
Meng Zhang and Qiang Ma
New Fractional Application on A homogenous Isotropic Thermo-Poroelastic Half-Space
E.M. Hussein
Modeling of Creep Deformation in an Internally Pressurized Transversely Isotropic Spherical Shell Subjected to a Thermal Gradient
A.G. Temesgen, S.B. Singh, and T. Pankaj
Elastodynamic Responses of Magneto Micropolar Isotropic Media under the Gravitational Influence
V. Kumar and R. Nazir
Volume: 57 • Number: 4 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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