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Volume: 57 • Number: 6 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 28<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the Influence of Dilatancy on the Characteristics of Shape Change and Volumetric Elasticity of Differently Resisting Media
K.F. Komkov
Implementation of the Given Relative Spherical and Screw Motions of Two Solids by a Two-Armed Robot
E.I. Vorobev
Accounting for Nonlinearity of Resonator Oscillations in the Identification of Parameters of Solid-State Wave Gyroscopes of Different Types
A.A. Maslov, D.A. Maslov, and I.V. Merkuryev
Self-Excited Oscillations of a Low-Viscous Liquid and Their Influence on a Rotor With a Small Number of Radial Baffles
A.N. Nikiforov
ON One Possibility of Orientation of a Near-Earth Spacecraft in the Earth's Magnetic Field
I.N. Abezyaev
Stability of an Infinitely Long Cylindrical Shell under the Action of External Pressure Created by Winding Flexible Filaments
V.V. Vasiliev, V.A. Salov, and A.A. Skleznev
On One Mechanical Model of Self-Organization of Nanoparticles
V.A. Babeshko, O.V. Evdokimova, O.M. Babeshko, and V.S. Evdokimov
Influence of the Crystal Structure and Type of Interatomic Bond on the Elastic Properties of Monatomic and Diatomic Cubic Crystals
A.I. Epishin and D.S. Lisovenko
Isotropic Tensor Functions with Quasipolynomial Scalar Potential in Nonlinear Elasticity Theory
D.V. Georgievskii
On the Theory of Covariant Differentiation of Two Point Pseudotensor Fields
E.V. Murashkin and Yu.N. Radayev
Refined Model of Bending of a Beam as Applied to the Adhered Cantilever Method
I.A. Soldatenkov, A.A. Yakovenko, and V.B. Svetovoy
Linear and Nonlinear Plane Longitudinal Waves in the Slepyan-Palmov Medium
V.I. Erofeev, M.I. Korsakov, and A.V. Leontieva
Some Spectral Problems for Cyclic Mechanical Systems
N.V. Banichuk
Geomechanical Analysis of the Wellbore Wall Breakouts Formation
Yu.F. Kovalenko, K.B. Ustinov, and V.I. Karev
An Algebraic Algorithm of Pseudotensors Weights Eliminating and Recovering
E.V. Murashkin and Yu.N. Radayev
Polynomial Stability of the Laminated Beam with One Discontinuous Local Internal Fractional Damping
Xinxin Cao, Wenjun Liu, Yanning An, and Li Zhang
Two Dimensional Green's Functions of Semi-Infinite Transversely Isotropic Hygro-Thermo-Magneto-Piezoelectric (HTMP) Media
X. Fan, B.J. Zhang, J.D. Han, D. Wu, S.X. Qi, and Z.W. Shi
Distribution Analysis of Multiple Limit Cycles of Vehicle Shimmy System with Consideration of Joint Clearances
Junzhao Jiang, Wenhao Yang, Heng Wei, and Bin Peng
Dispersion of Transverse Wave in Magnetoelastic Anisotropic Layered Structure Crammed with Piezoelectric and Self-Reinforced Half Space
Pato Kumari and Rupali Srivastava
Curvature-Constrained Layup Optimization to Improve Buckling Resistance of Composite Laminates
X.J. Niu and X. Zhang
Dynamic Response of a Shallow Lined Tunnel to SH Waves in a Homogeneous Half Space
Song-Chol Ri, Shuhong Wang, and Kyong-Chol Kim
A study of Negative Poisson's Ratio of 3D Printed Auxetic Structures
Bing-Zhang Xue, Jian-Wei Li, Rui Huang, Yao-Zong Yang, Hua-Shuai Gong, Qi-Ming Zhang, Ling-Hao Kong, and D.M. Li
Vibration of Two-Dimensional Functionally Graded Beam with Dynamic Flexoelectric Effect
Haowei Zhang, Weifeng Leng, Hailong Wang, Yaohong Suo, and Pengfei Yu
On the Combined Role of Strain Hardening and Strain Rate on the Degree of Heterogeneity of Plastic Flow in an Al-2.5%Mg Alloy
Samir Dahdouh, Hakim Ait-Amokhtar, and Abdelhamid Sadeddine
Delamination Propagation and Crack Growth Analysis of Composite Beams Using a Layer Wised Virtual Crack Closure Technique
S.A. Mousavi Tarsi and M. Afshin
The Dynamics of a Three-Dimensional Tuning Functionally Graded Plate Gyroscope
G.T. Sedebo, M.Y. Shatalov, S.V. Joubert, and A.A. Shafi
Buckling of Free-Standing Nanocolumn on an Elastic Substrate with Surface Effect and Self-weight
Zhong Chen, Rongguo Zhao, and Nan Ji
Erratum to: Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behaviour of Ultrafine Grained AA 2014 Al Alloy
G. Navya, A. Joshi, R. Velmurugan, R. Jayaganthan, N.K. Gupta, and E.V. Murashkin
Volume: 57 • Number: 6 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 28<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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