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A.A. Bityurin, "Modeling the Magnitude of the Shock Impulse During Transverse Vibrations of a Stepped Rod System Experiencing a Longitudinal Impact," Mech. Solids. 57 (5), 1068-1077 (2022)
Year 2022 Volume 57 Number 5 Pages 1068-1077
DOI 10.3103/S0025654422050144
Title Modeling the Magnitude of the Shock Impulse During Transverse Vibrations of a Stepped Rod System Experiencing a Longitudinal Impact
Author(s) A.A. Bityurin (Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk, 432027 Russia,
Abstract A longitudinal impact against a rigid barrier is considered for a system of homogeneous and stepped rods, one of which has a defect in the form of an initial curvature. Using the method of initial parameters and the wave model of a longitudinal impact, the initial bending moment and the angle of rotation of the section of a curved rod interacting with a rigid barrier are calculated, and the longitudinal dynamic force and the time of its impact are calculated. The maximum amplitude of the transverse oscillations of the curved rod of the system under consideration and its average impulse are calculated, which are the most important characteristics of the vibrational effect of the resulting oscillatory process. The universality of the application of the proposed technique to the calculation of rod systems with an arbitrary initial state is noted. In the article, the average value of the vibration impulse was modeled for rod systems with different ratios of the lengths of homogeneous sections with the same ratio of their thickness and the same preshock velocity. As shown by the simulation results, there is no clear pattern between the magnitude of the average impulse and any ratio of the lengths of the sections of the considered rod system, which is of considerable scientific interest. This is due to the chaotic nature of the interference pattern of longitudinal deformation waves during their propagation and transformation along homogeneous sections and when passing through their boundaries. As a result, for each specific configuration of the rod system, in the process of impact interaction, longitudinal waves of different magnitude and duration are formed, on which the average value of the simulated impulse depends.
Keywords transverse oscillations, deflection, longitudinal impact, wave model, initial parameter method, vibration, momentum
Received 07 November 2021Revised 20 January 2022Accepted 26 January 2022
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