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Volume: 39 • Number: 5 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Guaranteed stabilization of the orientation of a satellite by means of on-off jet engines in the case of active disturbances
B. N. Sokolov
Equilibrium states of an inverted pendulum acted upon by a follower force on the elastically restrained upper end
I. G. Boruk, L. G. Lobas, and L. D. Patricio
Perturbation accumulation during the transition to a periodic mode in linear time invariant systems
M. Ya. Izrailovich
Nonlinear effects in axially symmetric deformation of a cylinder. Pointing effect
A. D. Panov
Effective properties of matrix pyroelectric materials
V. M. Levin and A. G. Luchaninov
Ritz Method in a contact problem for a rectangular slab of finite rigidity
S. V. Bosakov
A class of contact problems of electroelasticity for a piezoelectric ceramic half-plane with vertical cuts
S. A. Melkumyan and V. S. Tonoyan
Interaction of a harmonic torsional wave with a thin rigid cylindrical inclusion
V. G. Popov
Interaction of a stationary wave with a thin low stiffness penny-shaped inclusion in an elastic body
G. S. Kit, Ya. I. Kunets, and V. V. Mikhas'kiv
Stress-strain state of nearly homogeneous elastoplastic bodies
N. B. Kostyrin, N. V. Minaeva, and Yu. M. Myasnyankin
Physical equations of the theory of plastic flow of anisotropic materials
S. A. Berestova and E. A. Mityushov
Indentation of a wedge into a plastic medium governed by the double-shearing model
S. E. Aleksandrov and E. A. Lyamina
Critical time in the theory of buckling of plates subject to creep
K. I. Romanov
A model of the process of steady separation of a material layer
V. V. Glagolev and A. A. Markin
Strain-displacement relationships that exactly represent large rigid displacements of a shell
G. M. Kulikov
Stress state of an array of elastic plates joined along a periodic system of curves
I. A. Ivanov and V. V. Sil'vestrov
Chaotic vibrations of cone shells
V. A. Krys'ko and T. V. Shchekaturova
Analytical solution of the coupled buckling problem for a plate from a shape memory alloy subjected to inverse martensite transformation
A. A. Movchan and L. G. Sil'chenko
Dynamics of interaction of an elastic cylinder with a layer of viscous incompressible fluid
L. I. Mogilevich and V. S. Popov
Volume: 39 • Number: 5 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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