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Volume: 39 • Number: 2 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The determination of the surface unbalance parameters of a hemispherical resonator gyro on the basis of its response to the angular vibration
N. V. Kalenova
Investigation of asymmetric gyros
M. V. Milyukhin
Fast and slow dissipative evolution in mechanical systems containing viscoelastic elements
A. V. Shatina
The rotation of a rigid body under the action of dissipative and random torques
I. E. Poloskov
A problem of optimal shock isolation of elastic objects
V. A. Prourzin
The dual approach to the evaluation of the load-carrying capacity of nonlinearly elastic bodies
I. A. Brigadnov
The antiplane problem of electroelasticity for a compound piezoelectric cylinder whose cross-section is a circular sector
P. V. Galpchyan
An operator method for solving the equilibrium problem for an elastic inhomogeneous anisotropic slab
V. I. Gorbachev and V. A. Simakov
Nonstationary dynamic contact problem of the indentation of a rigid punch into a prestressed elastic strip
L. V. Gritsenko, V. B. Zelentsov, and R. V. Sakhabudinov
Rheological behavior of porous media in a state of incomplete saturation
D. V. Shevchenko
Extended problem of the identification of mechanical characteristics of materials on the basis of testing of structures
R. A. Kayumov
Stress state at the vertex of a wedge twin
O. M. Ostrikov
Iteration methods and stability in the problem of uniform deformation of a sphere whose central zone is made of a material subject to damage
S. V. Zhizherin and V. V. Struzhanov
Buckling analysis of a shell with transverse shear
V. M. Belubekyan
Analysis of buckling induced by the direct thermoelastic transformation under the action of compression stresses
A. A. Movchan and L. G. Sil'chenko
On some implications of the theory of prismatic shells
D. A. Vysokovskii and V. I. Shumeiko
The stress-strain state of a polygonal plate with two unequal rectilinear cuts
S. A. Kuliev
An approximate analytical determination of the limit state of perfectly plastic bodies
B. G. Mironov
Volume: 39 • Number: 2 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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