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Volume: 39 • Number: 3 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The stability of relative equilibria of an orbital linkage with impact interaction being taken into account
I. I. Kosenko
The geometry of conical rotations
V. Ph. Zhuravlev
The influence of the suspension automatic control system on the evolutionary motions of a contactless gyro
Yu. M. Urman
The analysis of period-doubling bifurcations of the impact oscillator by means of the amplitude surface method
K. V. Avramov
Application of the Monte-Carlo method to solving linear elasticity problems for an anisotropic medium
M. V. Sorokin
The coupling effect of the thermal and elastic fields near the singular line of a propagating void
I. T. Denisyuk
Various versions of geometrically nonlinear relations for large deformations
A. N. Danilin, N. N. Zuev, A. B. Kostrichenko, and V. I. Shalashilin
Generalizations of the Huygens-Steiner theorem and Bour formula and some their applications
M. U. Nikabadze
Optimization of the residual stress formation process during the surface processing
I. N. Boyarshinova and V. Yu. Stolbov
Impact of a deformable cylindrical body against an elastic half-space
A. G. Gorshkov, Amar Abdul Karim Salman, D. V. Tarlakovskii, and G. V. Fedotenkov
Nonlinear waves in a two-component viscous medium with voids
A. G. Bagdoev and A. V. Shekoyan
Rolling and sliding of a rigid cylinder along the boundary of a rigid-plastic half-space
R. I. Nepershin
Cyclic loading of laminated viscoelastoplastic bodies in a heat/radiation field
A. V. Yarovaya
Energy method in the theory of buckling of rheonomic rods
K. I. Romanov
On the instability of equilibrium a cylinder made of a hardening material subjected to tension
L. M. Zubov and M. S. Lastenko
Analysis of the nonlinear deformation and buckling of noncircular cylindrical shells subjected to pure bending
L. P. Zheleznov and V. V. Kabanov
Static and dynamic critical states of parabolic shells subjected to simple or compound rotations
M. A. Belova, V. I. Gulyaev, and I. L. Solov'ev
Simultaneous modeling of frequency-independent and viscous damping of vibrations
A. P. Malyshev
Volume: 39 • Number: 3 • Year: 2004 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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