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Volume: 38 • Number: 4 • Year: 2003 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Periodic oscillations of the axis of symmetry of a satellite under the action of gravitational and aerodynamic torques in a circular orbit
I. A. Neishtadt and V. V. Sazonov
On the invariance conditions and qualitative stabilization of the reference orientation of a pursuing body
I. A. Mukhametzyanov
On the transition to the precessional equations in non-conservative gyroscopic systems
V. N. Koshlyakov
On the dynamics of a boomerang
V. A. Privalov, O. G. Privalova, and V. A. Samsonov
Models of friction forces for one-dimensional kinematic pairs and properties of motion of rigid bodies
P. K. Plotnikov
Friction laws in the case of combination of slip and spin
V. Ph. Zhuravlev
On the motion of planar bodies in the presence of static friction
A. P. Ivanov
Pre-acting Control for Shock Isolation Systems
D. V. Balandin and N. N. Bolotnik
Description of crystal packing of particles with torque interaction
E. A. Ivanova, A. M. Krivtsov, N. F. Morozov, and A. D. Firsova
A Contact Problem for Coated Bodies with Nonlinear Friction, Wear, and Heat Release Caused by Friction
V. M. Alexandrov
Moment Thermodynamics of Heat Transfer
G. A. Vanin
On the Generalized Thermodynamics in the Mechanics of Composites
B. E. Pobedrya
Propagation of a Long Elastic Surface Wave between a Material and a Laminated Structure of Layers Working in Bending
R. L. Salganik
A. Yu. Ishlinskii's ideas and results in the theory of plasticity
D. D. Ivlev
Indentation of an Perfectly Plastic Half-space by a Finite Wedge
R. I. Nepershin
Extrusion of a viscoplastic material with small yield limit from a plane convergent channel
L. D. Akulenko, D. V. Georgievskii, D. M. Klimov, S. A. Kumakshev, and S. V. Nesterov
On the Dynamical Boundary Effect in an Elastoviscoplastic Half-space Subjected to Transverse-longitudinal Impact
V. N. Kukudzhanov and A. L. Levitin
Synthesis of acoustic pressure scattered by an elastic cylindrical shell on the basis of matched asymptotic approximations
V. A. Kovalev
Alexander Yul'evich Ishlinskii (on the 90th anniversary of his birth)
Volume: 38 • Number: 4 • Year: 2003 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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