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V. M. Alexandrov, "A Contact Problem for Coated Bodies with Nonlinear Friction, Wear, and Heat Release Caused by Friction," Mech. Solids. 38 (4), 89-94 (2003)
Year 2003 Volume 38 Number 4 Pages 89-94
Title A Contact Problem for Coated Bodies with Nonlinear Friction, Wear, and Heat Release Caused by Friction
Author(s) V. M. Alexandrov (Moscow)
Abstract The scheme of contact between bodies with soft elastic coatings is simplified as much as possible in order to take into account as many phenomena occurring in the contact region as possible. For the description of nonlinear friction we propose a formula which is reduced to the Coulomb friction law in the case of relatively small contact pressure and to the adhesive friction law in the case of relatively large contact pressure. This formula is used for the examination of wear phenomena on contact surfaces in the presence of heat release caused by friction in the case of imperfect heat contact. We find conditions that ensure the thermal-force stability of the coating wear process.

This problem, in a similar statement, was considered in [1-4].
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Received 02 February 2003
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