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P. K. Plotnikov, "Models of friction forces for one-dimensional kinematic pairs and properties of motion of rigid bodies," Mech. Solids. 38 (4), 39-51 (2003)
Year 2003 Volume 38 Number 4 Pages 39-51
Title Models of friction forces for one-dimensional kinematic pairs and properties of motion of rigid bodies
Author(s) P. K. Plotnikov (Saratov)
Abstract A complete model of sliding and rolling friction forces is constructed within the framework of the Amonton-Coulomb law. Based on this model and the concept of a third body between the pair of bodies in friction contact, two models of friction forces are constructed, with the preliminary displacement effect being taken into account. All these models are utilized to analyze the motion of a number of mechanical devices.
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Received 07 May 2002
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