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A. P. Ivanov, "On the motion of planar bodies in the presence of static friction," Mech. Solids. 38 (4), 59-63 (2003)
Year 2003 Volume 38 Number 4 Pages 59-63
Title On the motion of planar bodies in the presence of static friction
Author(s) A. P. Ivanov (Moscow)
Abstract A planar body in a state of rest on a rough plane is considered. When acted upon by external forces, the body can start sliding along the plain or preserve equilibrium owing to friction. The problem is to determine the distribution of accelerations in the body for a prescribed system of forces. The solution of this problem is shown to be uniquely defined. An example of a rod with lumped masses at the endpoints is considered. Dynamics of systems with dry friction has been studied previously in [1-5]. Equilibrium conditions for the body have been obtained for a number of specific cases [6-8].
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Received 24 April 2003
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