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Volume: 37 • Number: 3 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Equations of rotary motion of a rigid body based on the utilization of quaternion parameters
K. G. Petrov and A. A. Tikhonov
On the structure of a single-channel controller providing a guaranteed accuracy with maximum efficiency
B. N. Sokolov
Programmed motions of a mechanical system
M. A. Chuev
Self-induced vibrations in an essentially nonlinear system
L. D. Akulenko, L. I. Korovina, and S. V. Nesterov
Controlled excitation of self-induced vibrations with parametric and force type sources
M. Ya. Izrailovich
Elastic contact of smooth complex-shaped bodies
A. A. Korolev
On the stress-strain state of thick-walled nearly-axisymmetric pipe
N. V. Minaeva
On complex solutions of dynamical problems of plane elasticity for anisotropic bodies in terms of potentials
I. O. Osipov
Nonstationary dynamic problems of elastic stress concentration near a spherical imperfection
N. D. Vaisfel'd and G. Ya. Popov
Generalization of the Pochhammer-Chree problem to the case of an inertially compliant boundary
S. V. Novotny
A variational-grid method involving orthogonal finite functions for solving problems of natural vibrations of 3D elastic solids
V. L. Leont'ev
Transverse and longitudinal shear cracks in dilating media with different moduli
A. V. Berezin and P. L. Ponomarev
Hydrodynamic effects in physical-chemical fracture mechanics. Part 2. Crack initiation and growth
A. I. Malkin and E. M. Podgaetskii
Deformation of a circular photographic plate in a Schmidt telescope with incomplete contact between the plate and its spherical support
K. V. Kuimov, A. V. Kuz'min, and F. D. Sorokin
Local parametric vibrations of a noncircular conical shell subjected to nonuniform pulsating pressure
S. P. Kuntsevich and G. I. Mikhasev
Load-carrying capacity of conical elements of acrylic windows with allowance for the volume buckling
V. P. Lyanzberg and V. I. Shalashilin
On the approximation of plane layer type in the problem of acoustic wave scattering by a cylindrical shell
M. V. Vil'de, Yu. D. Kaplunov, and V. A. Kovalev
Self-organizing motion of a one-dimensional chain in air flow
V. A. Pilipenko
A modified method of asymptotic integration: application to the construction of the theory of orthotropic rods. Part 4
Yu. I. Butenko
Volume: 37 • Number: 3 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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