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Volume: 37 • Number: 4 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Non-traditional boundary conditions (plane problem of nonlinear elasticity)
K. F. Chernykh
The role of the loading history in mechanics of contact interaction allowing for friction in the contact zone
V. G. Grinchenko and A. F. Ulitko
Contact problem for a journal bearing with coating
V. M. Alexandrov and A. A. Shamtkova
Torsion of rods with elastic properties depending on the stress state type
E. V. Lomakin
On some specific features of solutions of dynamic problems of elasticity
E. E. Pavlovskaya and Yu. V. Petrov
On the concept of stability of deformation in elastic and viscoelastic models
D. V. Georgievskii and B. E. Pobedrya
On the indentation of a rigid pyramid into an ideally plastic half-space
D. D. Ivlev, A. Yu. Ishlinskii, and R. I. Nepershin
Nonlinear endochronous theory of aging viscoelastic materials
D. L. Bykov and D. N. Konovalov
On the construction of evolutionary constitutive relations for finite deformations
R. S. Novokshanov and A. A. Rogovoi
Calculation of the limit equilibrium of internal and boundary cracks with interacting surfaces in an elastic half-plane
A. V. Andreev, R. V. Goldstein, and Yu. V. Zhitnikov
Stability of a crack trajectory in heterogeneous media
I. A. Miklashevich and A. V. Chigirev
Equistressed membrane shells of revolution formed by continuous winding of a reinforced tape
V. V. Vasil'ev and A. A. Krikanov
Bending of an inhomogeneous plate under compressive loads in its plane
T. A. Belyakova and S. A. Shesterikov
Numerical solution of 3D nonlinear problems of unsteady deformation of thin-walled structures involving rod members
V. G. Bazhenov, A. I. Kibets, Yu. I. Kibets, and A. N. Samygin
On the pounding of structures during strong earthquakes
V. V. Bolotin and O. V. Trifonov
On steady motion of elastic beams along the boundary of an isotropic elastic strip
V. K. Lashchenov
Approximate description of resonances of whispering gallery type waves in the problem of acoustic wave scattering by elastic circular cylinders and spheres
M. V. Vil'de, Yu. D. Kaplunov, and V. A. Kovalev
The 70th birthday of Academician N. F. Morozov
Volume: 37 • Number: 4 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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