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Volume: 36 • Number: 3 • Year: 2001 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The 60th birthday of Professor A. G. Gorshkov
On the influence of the base vibration on the natural frequencies of a tuned rotor gyroscope
S. A. Agafonov and V. A. Matveev
Surface unbalance of a hemispherical resonator gyro
Yu. K. Zhbanov and N. V. Kalenova
On averaging Hamiltonian systems
A. G. Petrov
An algorithm for smoothing aerogravimetric measurements that corrects dynamic gauge errors
V. L. Panteleev
Free motion of a rigid body on a two-degree-of-freedom joint with non-perpendicular axes
N. N. Bolotnik
An estimate of the maximal admissible asphericity for a rotor performing self-rotation in a magnetic suspension
V. S. Voronkov
On the behavior of an automobile on a μ-split road surface
I. V. Novozhilov, I. S. Pavlov, and V. A. Frol'tsov
Stresses near a conical point on the interface between two media
I. T. Denisyuk
Damage tensor and damage measures. 3. Damage characteristics associated with an invariant integral
S. A. Nazarov
On acoustic resonances in layered media
O. Yu. Dinariev and V. N. Nikolaevskii
Experimental and theoretical study of the effect of constant and variable electric fields on moist soil penetration by a conductive solid indentor
A. G. Bagdoev and A. A. Vantsyan
Torsion of cylindrical rods and pipes with large plastic strains
A. V. Konovalov
Motion of a body near a free surface of a fluid or plastic medium
Yu. K. Bivin
Energy balance near a crack tip in an elastic-plastic medium
I. M. Lavit
Problems of elasticity for ring and circular cracks on the interface between a layer and a half-space
V. S. Nikishin
Contact problem of bending for a plate with a thin reinforcement
N. N. Shavlakadze
Waves of Rayleigh type in a semi-infinite corrugated cylindrical shell
G. R. Gulgazaryan and L. G. Gulgazaryan
Natural vibrations of a rectangular membrane with sharply changing surface density
L. D. Akulenko, I. I. Karpov, and S. V. Nesterov
Modeling shape formation, deformation, and loading of parachutes for small subsonic velocities
V. A. Aparinov, R. M. Zaichuk, and A. T. Ponomarev
Volume: 36 • Number: 3 • Year: 2001 • Total articles: 20<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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