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Volume: 36 • Number: 2 • Year: 2001 • Total articles: 23<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The 75th birthday of Academician V. V. Bolotin
The motion of a rapidly spinning gyroscope about a fixed point in a weakly resisting medium
Yu. V. Kuleshov and A. V. Medvedev
Method of irreducible tensors in problems of rotation of a conductive body in nonuniform magnetic fields
Yu. M. Urman
On the periodic motions of a rigid body elastically colliding with parallel walls
A. P. Ivanov and V. I. Pereverzev
Nonlinear vibrations of a thread with a strainer
A. I. Munitsyn
A solution of 3D elasticity equations using a holomorphic expansion of complex displacements in terms of power and Bessel functions
A. I. Aleksandrovich, P. A. Kuvshinov, and D. F. Titorenko
Discontinuous mappings and their approximation in the nonlinear theory of elasticity
I. A. Brigadnov
Action of a system of rigid punches shaped as elliptic paraboloids on an elastic half-space
I. I. Argatov
The antiplane anisotropic problem for a punch whose edges move on the boundary of a half-space with an arbitrary velocity
A. G. Bagdoev
On wave processes in soil subjected to a surface charge explosion
V. G. Bazhenov, V. L. Kotov, A. V. Kochetkov, S. V. Krylov, and V. R. Fel'dgun
Landslides caused by turbulent flow of a liquid layer produced by rain on hillsides
A. Ya. Sagomonyan
Supersonic flow of a porous medium past a cone
K. Yu. Osipenko and I. V. Simonov
Shear strength of metals in stress concentration regions
S. Yu. Veselkov and Yu. M. Dal'
The development of the concept suggested by G. G. Sih in fracture mechanics
E. S. Sibgatullin
Crack growth in the process of quasibrittle fracture under an increasing or cyclic load
I. M. Lavit
Damage tensor and damage measures. 2. Invariant integrals in bodies with disperse of defects
S. A. Nazarov
On a model of thermal splitting by laser beams
A. A. Evtushenko, E. G. Ivanik, and S. I. Matysyak
Nonlinear theory of elastic shells with continuously distributed dislocations
L. M. Zubov
Theory of stability for three-layer plates and shells: stages of development, state-of-the-art, and prospects
V. N. Paimushin
On eigenfrequencies of small longitudinal and transverse vibrations of thin orthotropic circular plates
E. Z. Korol'
On the determination of frequencies and virtual masses of a fluid in a moving rectangular cavity with baffles
D. A. Galitsyn and V. A. Trotsenko
Computation of eigenfrequencies of a supported rotating ring with extensible middle line
A. I. Polunin
The Cauchy problem for the motion of a rotor system with retractable blades in the retraction mode
A. L. Bykov and V. A. Pavlov
Volume: 36 • Number: 2 • Year: 2001 • Total articles: 23<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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