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Volume: 42 • Number: 3 • Year: 2007 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the occasion of B. E. Pobedryaís seventieth birthday
On identification in mechanics of nanocomposites
Yu. V. Kurochkina and B. E. Pobedrya
Three-dimensional modeling of tires
S. V. Sheshenin
Development of a solution method for frictional contact problems with complex loading
A. S. Kravchuk
Possible instability of a rectilinear crack path in an orthotropic plane at uniaxial normal tension
R. V. Goldstein and E. I. Shifrin
Some passages to the limit in elasticity theory and "Sapondzhyanís paradox"
N. G. Khomasuridze
Perturbations of flows of incompressible nonlinearly viscous and viscoplastic fluids caused by variations in material functions
D. V. Georgievskii
Study of the plane problem for a physically nonlinear elastic solid by methods of the theory of functions of one complex Variable
A. I. Aleksandrovich and A. V. Gorlova
Some issues concerning a version of the theory of thin solids based on expansions in a system of Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind
M. U. Nikabadze
Asymptotic analysis of the shear strain effect on the wave characteristics of a multilayered cylindrical shell filled with fluid
R. Yu. Amenzade and I. A. Kiiko
Asymptotic method for analysis of a conical shell under local loading
B. V. Nerubailo and V. P. Olíshanskii
Torsional, flexural, and torsional-flexural buckling modes of a cylindrical shell under combined loading
V. N. Paimushin
Effective characteristics of corrugated plates
A. F. Arkhangelískii and V. I. Gorbachev
Effective characteristics of layered composites with allowance for structural changes
S. E. Omarov
On some composite failure criteria based on the averaging method
L. V. Muravleva
Extension of a V-notched bar and failure of plastic bodies
A. A. Bukhaníko, S. L. Stepanov, and A. I. Khromov
Complete integrability of the equations of motion of a spatial pendulum in a medium flow with rotational derivatives of the torque produced by the medium taken into account
M. V. Shamolin
Volume: 42 • Number: 3 • Year: 2007 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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