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Volume: 42 • Number: 4 • Year: 2007 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Stability of a periodic motion of a rod suspended by an ideal thread
A. P. Markeev
Stability of a planar resonance satellite motion under spatial perturbations
T. E. Churkina
Stability analysis of steady rotations of a rigid body bearing two-degree-of-freedom control moment gyros with dissipation in gimbal suspension axes
N. I. Amelíkin
Critical states of thin-walled hyperbolic gyros elastically connected to a rotating platform
V. I. Gulyayev and I. L. Solovjov
Optimal identification of basic direction drifts in the gyroscopic navigation system of a space vehicle
I. V. Shcherbaní
Analysis of impact interactions in dynamics of many-body mechanical systems
A. S. Gorobtsov
Integration of the equations of motion of a disk on a rough plane
G. M. Rozenblat
On an analytic solution in the theory of large elastoviscoplastic strains
A. A. Burenin and L. V. Kovtanyuk
Linearized equations of spatial statically determinate states in the theory of ideal plasticity
L. A. Maksimova
Bending of a thin strip by a circular tool
R. I. Nepershin
Dispersion and polarization of surface Rayleigh waves for the Cosserat continuum
M. A. Kulesh, V. P. Matveenko, and I. N. Shardakov
A model of bending vibrations of piezoelectric bimorphs with split electrodes and its applications
A. O. Vatulíyan and A. A. Rynkova
Study of the boundary layer in a laminated plate
Yu. I. Butenko
The stress state of a plate subjected to a piecewise homogeneous load
S. A. Kuliev
Operator method for solving the plane elasticity problem for a strip with periodic cuts
N. A. Bazarenko
A version of the finite element method for frictional contact problems
P. G. Morev
On the possibility of improving operational characteristics of materials by preliminary pulse or impact treatment
A. V. Ermolenko and M. V. Polonik
Volume: 42 • Number: 4 • Year: 2007 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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