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Volume: 58 • Number: 4 • Year: 2023 • Total articles: 29<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Peculiarities of Body Balance on Hinged Supports and Sliding Closure
M.Z. Dosaev and V.A. Samsonov
Determination of Dissipative Characteristics for Solving Problems of Dynamic Loading of Elastic Structures Using a Modal Approach
A.Yu. Bondarenko, A.I. Likhoded, and V.V. Sidorov
Solution of Problems of Elasticity Theory for Multiply Connected Half-Planes and Strips
S.A. Kaloerov, E.S. Glushankov, and A.B. Mironenko
Spatial Oscillations of a Pipeline with Vibrating Supports
I.M. Utyashev and M.M. Shakiryanov
Nanoindentation of AlGaN Films Formed on SiC/Si Substrates Grown by the Method of Coordinated Substitution of Atoms
A.S. Grashchenko, S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov, and Sh.Sh. Sharofidinov
Calculation of Life Characteristics for Structural Alloys under the Mutual Influence of Fatigue and Long-Term Strength
I.A. Volkov, L.A. Igumnov, A.I. Volkov, and A.I. Yudintseva
Mechanical System Showing "Catastrophic Behavior"
A.I. Moshinskii
One Approach to the Plane Problem on Impact of Timoshenko-Type Shells on Elastic Half-Space
V.R. Bogdanov
Analysis of Dynamics and Control During the Deployment of an Annular Tether Group of Spacecraft
Yu.M. Zabolotnov, A.A. Nazarova, and Changqing Wang
Problem on Maintaining Contact of a Low-Mass Research Probe with Asteroid
E.K. Lavrovskii
Optimization of the Processes of Attenuation of Transverse Movements of a Trailer Following a Tractor
A.S. Smirnov and A.S. Muravyov
Numerical Modeling of the Stress-Strain State of an Underwater Offshore Gas Pipeline, Taking into Account Soil Liquefaction and Operating Parameters
R.M. Zaripov and R.B. Masalimov
Structural Optimization of a Longitudinally Moving Layered Web Based on a Multi-Criteria Approach
N.V. Banichuk, S.Yu. Ivanova, and V.S. Afanas'ev
A Novel Non-Sinusoidal Oscillation Waveform Function and Synchronous Control Model for Continuous Casting Mold
Chao Zhou, Chao Yang, Jiyong Tian, Xingzhong Zhang, and Fang Wang
A New Approach to the Combination of Load Interaction Effects and Damage Functions in Fatigue Life Prediction Based on Ductile Dissipation Energy
Yuan Liu and Qiwen Xue
On the Discussions of Nonlinear Terms in the Large Deformation Model of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells
Y.Z. Li, J.W. Fu, L.F. Qian, and H.Y. Wang
Memory Effects on Rayleigh Waves Propagation in a Micropolar Thermoelastic Half Space
K. Singh and M. Kashyap
Influence of Different Factors on the Anti-Penetration Performance of Three-Layer Steel - Aluminum Composite Structure under Equal Surface Density
Xiaoping Zhang, Hao Zou, Fubao Zhang, Yu Zhu, Cun Wen, and Jinyao Nie
Forced Flexural Vibrations due to Time-Harmonic Source in a Thin Nonlocal Rectangular Plate with Memory-Dependent Derivative
Iqbal Kaur and Kulvinder Singh
Research on the Lamb Problem in Semi-Infinite Space of Non-Uniform Unsaturated Soil
Guobing Wang and Lei Wang
Theoretical Study on Interference of Shaped Charge Jet with Liquid-Filled Enclosed Structure
Li Gan
A Modified Backbone Curve Method for Inverse Kinematics of Rigid-Flexible Serial Robots
Liyuan Liu, Hao Lv, Weitao Li, Yuming Gao, Mingwang Gao, and Zonggao Mu
Study on the Influence of Stiffness and Damping on the Response of the Projectile
Jun Liang, Xuanhua Fan, Shifu Xiao, Hongyong Chen, and Linzhongyang E
A Study of Plane and Rayleigh Waves in a Microstructural Medium: the Role of Size Dependency and Thermal Effects
Vikas Sharma and Satish Kumar
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Layering Thickness on the Ballistic Response of Ceramic/Metal Composite Structure
Nikhil Andraskar, Gaurav Tiwari, Manmohan Dass Goel, and K. Senthil
Thermoelastic Vibrational Analysis of Tapered Triangular Plates with Different Boundary Conditions
Narinder Kaur, Anupam Khanna, and Ozen Ozer
Dynamic Response of Concrete Subjected to High Rate of Loading: a Parametric Study
Mohammad Mohsin Khan and Mohd Ashraf Iqbal
Theory of Imperfections of Three-Dimensional Tuning Plate Gyroscope. Part I: Material Imperfections
G.T. Sedebo, M.Y. Shatalov, S.V. Joubert, M.C. Kekana, A.A. Shafi, and T. Alhaji
An Eshelbian Homogenization Solution for the Coupled Mechanical-Diffusion Problem
Yang Zhang, Kun Yang, and Xi-Ying Zhao
Volume: 58 • Number: 4 • Year: 2023 • Total articles: 29<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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