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Table of Contents
Fractional Operator Viscoelastic Models in Dynamic Problems of Mechanics of Solids: A Review
Shitikova M.V.
Stress State of an Elastic Plane With One or More Inclusions of Arbitrary Shape: the Case of Identical Shear Moduli
Tsurkis I.Ya. and Kuzmin Yu.O.
Contact between a Smooth Indenter and a Two-Layer Elastic Half-Space with Complicated Conditions on the Surface
Stepanov F.I. and Torskaya E.V.
Damping the Transverse Vibrations of a Rapidly Rotating Disc
Banichuk N.V., Ivanova S.Yu., and Afanas'ev V.S.
On the Dynamics of Unloading of a Cylindrical Elastic-Viscoplastic Layer Under Azimuthal Shear
Burenin A.A., Gerasimenko E.A., Kovtanyuk L.V., and Sevastyanov G.M.
Failure-Delay Effect under Influence Pulse Dynamic Loads
Petrov Yu.V. and Utkin A.A.
Numerical Modeling of the Fatigue Life of Structural Steels under Single-Frequency and Dual-Frequency Loading
Volkov I.A., Igumnov L.A., Shishulin D.N., and Boev E.V.
Model for Analysis of the Stress-Strain State of Three-Layer Cylindrical Shells with Rectangular Cutouts
Bakulin V.N.
Limit Cycles in the Dynamics of an Elastically Mounted Aerodynamic Pendulum
Selyutskiy Yu.D.
High-Precision Estimation of the Oscillation Parameters of a Solid-State Wave Gyroscope's Resonator Using Stochastic Filtration Methods
Shatalov A.B., Sokolov S.V., Pogorelov V.A., and Gashenenko I.N.
Flutter of an Arbitrary Shaped Plate with Mixed Boundary Conditions in a Plane
Algazin S.D.
On the Cyclic Deformation of the Shell of the Combustion Chamber of a Multiple-Action Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engine
Zarubin V.S. and Zimin V.N.
Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Vehicle Shimmy System with Stochastic Clearance
Heng Wei, Jianwei Lu, and Junzhao Jiang
A Corten-Dolan Model Considering Material Strength Degradation
Xu Xu, Qiwen Xue, and Yiqian He
Heating of Thermoelastic Half-Space with Fractional Order Strain and Variable Thermal Conductivity
Bassiouny E.
Dynamic Analysis of Bernoulli-Euler Beams under Compressive Axial Force and Traversed by Masses Travelling at Varying Velocity
Adara E.O. and Omolofe B.
G-Type Wave Propagation in an Initially Stressed Fluid Saturated Viscoporoelastic Layer Lying over Heterogeneous Poroelastic Half Space
Venugopal M., Rajitha G., and Malla Reddy P.
Volume: 57 • Number: 1 • Year: 2022 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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