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Volume: 56 • Number: 6 • Year: 2021 • Total articles: 25<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Experimental and Theoretical Results for Strain Measurement Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Embedded Into the Material
Matveenko V.P., Kosheleva N.A., and Serovaev G.S.
On the Decomposition of Solutions of Scalar Boundary Value Problems in Mechanics in Terms of Block Elements
Babeshko V.A., Evdokimova O.V., and Babeshko O.M.
New Solution to the Problem of a Crack in an Orthotropic Plate under Tension
Vasil'ev V.V., Lurie S.A., and Salov V.A.
Seismic Barriers for Protection Against Surface and Headwaves: Multiple Scatters and Metamaterials
Morozov N.F., Bratov V.A., and Kuznetsov S.V.
Mechanical Characteristics of Reinforced and Three-Layer Shells Based on Metamaterials, Taking Into Account Operational Damage
Lomakin E.V., Yurgenson S.A., Fedulov B.N., and Fedorenko A.N.
On the Motion of an Elastic Inextensible Ring
Klimov D.M.
A Complex Approach to the Interpretation of the Motion of a Solid with a Fixed Point
Gorr G.V.
3D Models of Controllable Hinged Mechanisms with Links of Variable Length for Human Exoskeletons
Borisov A.V., Rozenblat G.M., Konchina L.V., Kulikova M.G., and Maslova K.S.
Impact of Nonlinear Properties of Electrostatic Control Sensors on the Dynamics of a Cylindrical Resonator of a Wave Solid-State Gyroscope
Maslov D.A. and Merkuryev I.V.
Low Frequency Vibrations of a Long Elastic Strip
Zveryaev E.M.
Generalization of the Algebraic Hamilton-Cayley Theory
Murashkin E.V. and Radayev Yu.N.
Reconstruction of the Time Dependence of a Transient Boundary Load Applied to a Three-Dimensional Isotropic Linearly Elastic Solid
Markov I.P. and Igumnov L.A.
Estimation of Taking into Account the Moment Properties of the Medium on the Example of a Nonstationary Axisymmetric Problem
Tarlakovskii D.V. and Nguyen Van Lam
Calculation of the Growth/Wear Kinetics of a Solid Lubricant Film in a Thrust Plain Bearing
Soldatenkov I.A.
Elastic and Mechanical Properties of Y1−xScxN Alloying System as a Function of Sc Content: First Principles Study
Charrouf H., Almi K., Lakel A., Okbi F., and Lakel S.
Analytical Solution of Hyperbolic Deformable Disk Having Variable Density
Thakur P., Sethi M., Kumar N., Gupta K., and Bhardwaj R.K.
Wave Propagation in Couple Stress Micropolar Viscoelastic Generalized Thermoelastic Solid
Poonam and Sahrawat R.K.
Prediction of Crack Initiation Angle in Brittle Structures Containing Inclined Cracks
Demir O.
Transient Dynamic Response of Cylindrical Lining in Unsaturated Soils Induced by Internal Loads
Xiaogang Wang and Hao Xiong
Axisymmetric Wave Propagation in Transversely Isotropic Piezoelectric Functionally Grade Cylinder
Shatalov M., Murashkin E.V., Mahamood R.M., Skhosana P., and Mkolesia A.
Crack Characteristics and Safety Prediction for the Lining of a Typical Tunnel Located in a Seismic Area
Wang Yongfei, Jin Jian, Wan Zhenyu, Liu Yu, and Liu Fenxiang
Conformation and Experiment on Non-sinusoidal Oscillation Waveform Function for Continuous Casting Mold
Chao Zhou, Yang Chao, Zhang Xingzhong, Wang Fang, and Yu Yanlei
A New Digital Speckle Correlation Method for Studying the Dynamic Fracture Parameters of Rocks under an Impact Load
Xiaobin Yang, Yanyu Pei, Yimin Song, and Hongming Cheng
Indentation Behavior of a Hard Film Resting on a Soft Substrate
Jingjing Yan, Siyuan Zhang, and Yanwei Liu
Erratum to: Response of Non-Local and Phase-Lags due to Ramp-Type Loading in Modified Couple Stress Thermoelastic with Mass Diffusion
Rajneesh Kumar, Sachin Kaushal, and Vikram
Volume: 56 • Number: 6 • Year: 2021 • Total articles: 25<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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