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Volume: 51 • Number: 5 • Year: 2016 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the Stress Monitoring Problem for Parallel Gallery Regions
V.A. Babeshko, O.M. Babeshko, and O.V. Evdokimova
Fracture of Sedimentary Rocks under a Complex Triaxial Stress State
V.I. Karev, D.M. Klimov, Yu.F. Kovalenko, and K.B. Ustinov
Generalized Timoshenko-Reissner Model for a Multilayer Plate
N.F. Morozov, P.E. Tovstik, and T.P. Tovstik
Ill-Posed Problems in Mechanics
V.Ph. Zhuravlev
Measurement of Inhomogeneous Strain Fields by Fiber Optic Sensors Embedded in a Polymer Composite Material
A.N. Anoshkin, A.A. Voronkov, N.A. Kosheleva, V.P. Matveenko, G.S. Serovaev, E.M. Spaskova, I.N. Shardakov, and G.S. Shipunov
Modeling the Influence of the Coating Deposition Technology on the Contact Interaction Characteristics
I.G. Goryacheva and E.V. Torskaya
New Solution of the Plane Problem for an Equilibrium Crack
V.V. Vasil'ev and S.A. Lurie
Factorization Method in the Geometric Inverse Problem of Static Elasticity
E.I. Shifrin
Limit Velocities of Lamb Waves: Analytic and Numerical Studies
A.V. Avershieva, R.V. Goldstein, and S.V. Kuznetsov
On the Dispersion Relations for an Inhomogeneous Waveguide with Attenuation
A.O. Vatul'yan and V.O. Yurov
Localized Waves in a String of Infinite Length Lying on a Damaged Elastic Base under Finitely Many Impacts
A.K. Abramyan, S.A. Vakulenko, and D.A. Indeitsev
Dynamic Equations of a Prestressed Magnetoelectroelastic Medium
T.I. Belyankova and V.V. Kalinchuk
Mathematical Models of Carbon-Carbon Composite Deformation
N.N. Golovin and G.N. Kuvyrkin
Estimating the Plastic Strain with the Use of Acoustic Anisotropy
A.K. Belyaev, A.M. Lobachev, V.S. Modestov, A.V. Pivkov, V.A. Polyanskii, A.S. Semenov, D.A. Tret'yakov, and L.V. Shtukin
Development of Inhomogeneous Fields under Postcritical Deformation of Steel Specimens in Extension
V.E. Vildeman, E.V. Lomakin, T.V. Tret'yakova, and M.P. Tret'yakov
Potentiality of Isotropic Nonlinear Tensor Functions Relating Two Deviators
D.V. Georgievskii
Volume: 51 • Number: 5 • Year: 2016 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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