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Volume: 50 • Number: 3 • Year: 2015 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Motion of a Heavy Gyrostat with Variable Gyrostatic Moment in the Generalized Steklov Case
O.S. Volkova
Experimental Studies of Translation-Rotational Motions of Rolling Bodies under Elastic-Frictional Interaction with the Bases
P.K. Plotnikov
Problem of Unwinding of a Rotating Cluster of Bodies under Zero Gravity
A.P. Blinov
On the Chemical Affinity Tensor for Chemical Reactions in Deformable Materials
A.B. Freidin
Dynamic Deformation of Soft Soil Media: Experimental Studies and Mathematical Modeling
V.V. Balandin, A.M. Bragov, L.A. Igumnov, A.Yu. Konstantinov, V.L. Kotov, and A.K. Lomunov
Study of Forced Vibrations of the Kelvin-Voigt Model with an Asymmetric Spring
R.V. Goldstein, S.V. Kuznetsov, and M.A. Khudyakov
Seismodynamics of Underground Pipelines Interacting with Water-Saturated Fine-Grained Soil
E.V. An and T.R. Rashidov
Flutter of a Periodically Supported Elastic Strip in a Gas Flow with a Small Supersonic Velocity
V.V. Vedeneev and S.V. Shitov
Nonlinear Interaction of Finite Longitudinal Shear with Finite Torsion of a Rubber-Like Bushing
B.A. Zhukov
Spatial Problem of Crack Theory for a Prestressed Incompressible Elastic Layer
I.M. Peshkhoev and B.V. Sobol
Conditions for Stable Rotation of a Rotor with a Float Self-Balancer
A.N. Nikiforov, G.Ya. Panovko, and V.P. Roizman
Natural Vibrations of Three-Layer Circular Cylindrical Shells in an Elastic Medium
E.L. Kuznetsova, D.V. Leonenko, and E.I. Starovoitov
Erratum to: "Study of Viscoelastic Properties\newline of Elastomers Reinforced by Nanoparticles" Mechanics of solids 50 (2), 117-126 (2015)
Yu.P. Zezin and E.V. Lomakin
Erratum to: "Refined Gradient Theory of Scale-Dependent Superthin Rods" Mechanics of solids 50 (2), 135-146 (2015)
S.A. Lurie, E.L. Kuznetsova, L.N. Rabinskii, and E.I. Popova
Erratum to: "Nonstationary 3D Motion of an Elastic Spherical Shell" Mechanics of solids 50 (2), 208-217 (2015)
D.V. Tarlakovskii and G.V. Fedotenkov
Volume: 50 • Number: 3 • Year: 2015 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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