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Table of Contents
Construction of Optimal Laws of Variation of the Angular Momentum Vector of a Rigid Body
V.G. Biryukov and Yu.N. Chelnokov
Solution of the Optimal Turn Problem for a Spherically Symmetric Rigid Body with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions in the Class of Generalized Conical Motions
A.V. Molodenkov and Ya.G. Sapunkov
Pendulum Motions of Extended Lunar Space Elevator
A.A. Burov and I.I. Kosenko
Equation of Longitudinal Vibrations of a Beam with Coefficients Periodically Depending on the Coordinate
A.I. Moshinskii
Exact Closed-Form Solution of the Hyperbolic Equation of String Vibrations with Material Relaxation Properties Taken into Account
I.V. Kudinov and V.A. Kudinov
Law of Damage Accumulation and Fracture Criteria in Highly Filled Polymer Materials
D.L. Bykov, A.V. Kazakov, D.N. Konovalov, V.P. Mel'nikov, Yu.M. Milyokhin, V.A. Peleshko, and D.N. Sadovnichii
Experimental Study of the Bauschinger Effect for Anisotropic Metals
H.D. Dell, V.V. Eliseev, and V.A. Shapievskaya
Strength Analysis of an Elastic Plane Containing a Square Lattice of Circular Holes under Mechanical Loading
V.V. Mokryakov
Action of an Elliptic Punch on a Transversally Isotropic Half-Space
D.B. Davtyan and D.A. Pozharskii
On the Evolution Equation of Longitudinal Shock Waves in Elastic Media with Weak Inhomogeneity
Yu.E. Ivanova and V.E. Ragozina
Temperature Increase with Neck Propagation in Polymers
S.L. Bazhenov
Volume: 49 • Number: 5 • Year: 2014 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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