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Volume: 48 • Number: 2 • Year: 2013 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Parametric Vibrations of a Mechanical System and Their Stability for an Arbitrary Modulation Coefficient
L.D. Akulenko and S.V. Nesterov
Motions of a Top on a Smooth Plane without Separation
G.M. Rozenblat
Various Friction Models in Two-Sphere Top Dynamics
A.A. Zobova
Optimal Technology of Inertial Measurements
V.I. Golovatenko-Abramov
New Kinematic Parameters of Finite Rotation of a Solid
S.E. Perelyaev
Stability of Motion of Two Rigid Bodies Connected by a Cable in the Atmosphere
Yu.M. Zabolotnov and D.V. Elenev
On the Trajectories of a Mass Point on a Rotating Surface
A.P. Blinov
Efficiency of a Vibroprotection System with an Isochronous Roller Damper
V.P. Legeza
Forced Nonstationary Axisymmetric Vibrations of a Piezoceramic Thin Bimorph Plate
D.A. Shlyakhin
Vibrations of Shallow Shells Rectangular in the Horizontal Projection with Two Freely Supported Opposite Edges
K.V. Avramov and I.D. Breslavskii
Harmonic Vibrations of a Half-Space with a Surface-Breaking Crack under Conditions of Out-of-Plane Deformation
V.G. Popov
Diffraction of a Shear Plane Wave in a Compound Elastic Space with a Half-Infinite Crack Parallel to the Inhomogeneity Line
K.L. Agayan, E.Kh. Grigoryan, and K.G. Gulyan
On Inverse Coefficient Problems of Poroelasticity
A.O. Vatul'yan and A.A. Lyapin
A New Mechanism of Elastic Energy Relaxation in Heteroepitaxy of Monocrystalline Films: Interaction of Point Defects and Dilatation Dipoles
S.A. Kukushkin and A.V. Osipov
Oblique Impact by a Spherical Solid on a Metal Plate
Yu.K. Bivin
Erratum: "Plane Stress State Problems for Notched Bodies Whose Plastic Properties Depend on the Form of the Stress State" Mechanics of Solids 46 (1), 62-69 (2011)
E.V. Lomakin and A.M. Mel'nikov
Volume: 48 • Number: 2 • Year: 2013 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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