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Volume: 47 • Number: 4 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 12<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the Motion of a Heavy Dynamically Symmetric Rigid Body with Vibrating Suspension Point
A.P. Markeev
Cycloidal Pendulum with a Rolling Cylinder
V.P. Legeza
Statement of the Two-Body Problem in the Parameters of the Extended Galilei Group
V.F. Chub
Multimode Laws of Control of Rigid Body Motions
V.I. Matyukhin
Kinetics of Crack Formation and Growth on the Material Interface
R.V. Goldstein and M.N. Perelmuter
Deformation Problem for an Elastically Fixed Plate Modeling a Coating Partially Delaminated from the Substrate (Plane Strain)
R.L. Salganik and K.B. Ustinov
Estimate of Energy Consumption in Fracture of Solids
R.A. Arutyunyan
Identification of Parameters of a Plane Elliptic Crack in an Isotropic Linearly Elastic Body from the Results of a Single Uniaxial Tension Test
A.V. Kaptsov, E.I. Shifrin, and P.S. Shushpannikov
Identification of Mechanical Properties of Inhomogeneous Materials
N.A. Roganova and G.Z. Sharafutdinov
On Functional Equations Characterizing Creep Deformation
M.Ya. Brovman
Using Intensive Plastic Deformations for Manufacturing Bulk Nanostructure Metallic Materials
R.Z. Valiev, N.A. Enikeev, M.Yu. Murashkin, and F.Z. Utyashev
Plate Punching by a Deformable Indenter in the Presence of Discharge Current
A.A. Vantsyan and D.Kh. Ovsepyan
Volume: 47 • Number: 4 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 12<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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