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Volume: 45 • Number: 2 • Year: 2010 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Dynamics of a Homogeneous Ball on a Horizontal Plane with Sliding, Spinning, and Rolling Friction Taken into Account
M.V. Ishkhanyan and A.V. Karapetyan
Coulomb Law in Generalized Differential Form in Problems of Dynamics of Rigid Bodies with Combined Kinematics
A.A. Kireenkov
On Nonlinear Vibrations of a Heavy Mass Point on a Spring
A.G. Petrov and M.M. Shunderyuk
Stability of Controlled Inverted Pendulum under Permanent Horizontal Perturbations of the Supporting Point
V.V. Aleksandrov, M. Reyes-Romero, G.Yu. Sidorenko, and R. Temoltzi-Auila
Dynamic Model and Optimal Setup of a Vibroprotective System
V.P. Legeza
Stress Tensor Symmetry and Singular Solutions in the Theory of Elasticity
V.V. Vasil'ev
Stress-Strain State and Stress Intensity Factors of an Inclined Elliptic Defect in a Plate under Biaxial Loading
A.A. Ostsemin and P.B. Utkin
Stress State and Strength of an Inhomogeneous Plastic Strip with a Defect in a Stronger Part
V.L. Dil'man
Computation of the Energy of an Inhomogeneity: Asymptotics and Their Scope
K.B. Ustinov
Piezocomposite with Reciprocal Polarization of Oriented Ellipsoidal Inclusions and the Matrix
A.A. Pan'kov
Anomalous Dependence of the Vibration Frequencies of a Rod in an Elastic Medium on the Rod Length
L.D. Akulenko and S.V. Nesterov
Quantized Attractors in Wave Models of Torsion Vibrations of Deep-Hole Drill Strings
V.I. Gulyaev, O.V. Glushakova, and S.N. Khudolii
Models of Strain and Separation Process
V.V. Glagolev and A.A. Markin
On Elastic Strains and a Viscoplastic Flow in a Heavy Layer Placed on an Inclined Plane
A.A. Burenin and L.V. Kovtanyuk
Three-Dimensional Constitutive Relations of Ideal Plasticity and the Flow on the Coulomb-Tresca Prism Edge
V.A. Kovalev and Yu.N. Radaev
Volume: 45 • Number: 2 • Year: 2010 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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