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Volume: 44 • Number: 4 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Bench Calibration Problem for a Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
N. A. Parusnikov
Use of the Energy Integral in Optimal Control of the Spacecraft Spatial Attitude
M. V. Levskii
Stability and Stabilization of Motion of a Uniaxial Wheel Transport Platform
G. P. Sachkov, S. V. Feshchenko, and A. I. Chernomorskii
On Solutions of the Problem in Stresses with the Use of Maxwell Stress Functions
E. V. Rozhkova
Method for Computing the Strain Distribution near a Wedge-Like Twin by Using Macroscopic Dislocation Model Approaches
O. M. Ostrikov
On the Stability of Nearly Cylindrical Long Shells of Revolution
S. N. Kukudzhanov
Stability of a Transversally Isotropic Cylindrical Shell under Axial Compression
P. E. Tovstik
Finite-Element Simulation of Contact Interaction with the Use of Concepts of Contact Pseudomedium Mechanics
A. P. Babin and M. V. Zernin
On the Stress Field Singularity in an Incompressible Half-Space Weakened by Two Near-Surface Wedge-Like Cracks
A. V. Loveikin and A. F. Ulitko
Fracture Criteria under Creep with Strain History Taken into Account, and Long-Term Strength Modelling
A. V. Khokhlov
Low-Frequency Axisymmetric Waves in Blood Vessels of Constant Cross-Section: an Asymptotic Approach
M. V. Vilde and Yu. P. Gulyaev
Interaction of Plane Nonstationary Waves with a Thin Elastic Inclusion under Smooth Contact Conditions
A. P. Moiseenok and V. G. Popov
On the Influence of a Transverse Magnetic Field on the Vibration Spectra of Shallow Shells
N. S. Koreshkova and V. E. Khromatov
On the Jet Collision: General Model and Reduction to the Mie-Grüneisen State Equation
K. Yu. Osipenko and I. V. Simonov
Young's Modulus Defect for the Solid Solution of Hydrogen in Palladium (PdHx)
A. A. Gorshkov and V. A. Lomovskoi
Erratum to: "Bifurcation of Operation Modes of Small Wind Power Stations and Optimization of Their Characteristics"
M. Z. Dosaev, V. A. Samsonov, Yu. D. Selyutskii, Wen-Lung Lu, and Ching-Huei Lin
Volume: 44 • Number: 4 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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