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Volume: 49 • Number: 3 • Year: 2014 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Exact Geodesic Precession Related Solutions of the Inertial Navigation Equations
V.F. Chub
Estimates of Azimuthal Numbers Associated with Elementary Elliptic Cylinder Wave Functions
V.A. Kovalev and Yu.N. Radaev
Irreversible Deformation with Subsequent Unloading of a Spherical Viscoelastoplastic Layer
A.A. Burenin, L.V. Kovtanyuk, and I.A. Terletskii
Inverse Problems of Determining the Shape of Incompressible Bodies under Finite Strains
B.A. Zhukov
Modeling of Fatigue Life of Materials and Structures under Low-Cycle Loading
I.A. Volkov and Yu.G. Korotkikh
Study of Possible Void Nucleation and Growth in Solids in the Framework of the Davis-Nadai Deformation Theory
Yu.G. Pronina
Contact Problems for a Circular Plate with Sliding Fixation at the End Face
N.A. Bazarenko
Torsion of Prismatic Bars under Pressure Linearly Varying along the Generator
L.S. Kozlova and B.G. Mironov
Exact Statement of the Instability Problem for Frames and Its Direct Numerical Solution
M. Cacho, P.M. López-Reyes, and A. Lorenzana
Parametric Block Diagrams of Nano- and Microdisplacement Multilayer Piezoelectric Transducer in Longitudinal Piezoeffect
S.M. Afonin
Waves in a Viscoelastic Bar Surrounded by Soils under Smooth Loading
A.A. Bakhodirov and K.S. Sultanov
Volume: 49 • Number: 3 • Year: 2014 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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