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Volume: 47 • Number: 6 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the Occasion of N. Kh. Arutyunyan's Hundredth Birthday
Oscillatory-Rotational Processes in the Earth Motion about the Center of Mass: Interpolation and Forecast
L.D. Akulenko, D.M. Klimov, Yu.G. Markov, and V.V. Perepelkin
Buckling Modes of a Compressed Plate on an Elastic Substrate
N.F. Morozov and P.E. Tovstik
On the Problem of Slow Seismic Waves
V.A. Babeshko, O.M. Babeshko, O.V. Evdokimova, A.S. Mukhin, A.G. Fedorenko, and V.L. Shestopalov
Analysis of Deformation Process Characteristics in Amorphous-Crystalline Polymers
L.A. Golotina, V.P. Matveenko, and I.N. Shardakov
Identification of the Model of Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Filled Polymer Materials in Millisecond Time Range
D.L. Bykov, A.V. Kazakov, D.N. Konovalov, V.P. Mel'nikov, A.N. Osavchuk, and V.A. Peleshko
Solution of the First Boundary Value Problem of Nonlinear Theory of Steady-State Creep for a Half-Space in Antiplane Deformation
S.M. Mkhitaryan
Generalization of the Prandtl Solution to the Case of Axisymmetric Deformation of Materials Obeying the Double Shear Model
S.E. Aleksandrov and R.V. Goldstein
Strengthening of Materials by Intensive Hydrostatic Compression Pretreatment
A.A. Burenin, L.V. Kovtanyuk, and E.V. Murashkin
On Attainable Lower Boundary of the Three-Dimensional Coulomb-Tresca Invariant
Yu.N. Radaev
Nonstationary Vibrations of a Discretely Accreted Thermoelastic Parallelepiped
A.L. Levitin, S.A. Lychev, A.V. Manzhirov, and M.Yu. Shatalov
Plane Contact Problem for a Prestressed Incompressible Elastic Layer Clamped along the Base
V.M. Alexandrov and L.A. Kostyreva
Quadrature Formulas of Maximum Algebraic Accuracy for Cauchy Type Integrals with Complex Exponents of the Jacobi Weight Function
A.V. Saakyan
Volume: 47 • Number: 6 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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