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Volume: 40 • Number: 2 • Year: 2005 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Padé expansions in the two-dimensional model of Coulomb friction
V. Ph. Zhuravlev and A. A. Kireenkov
Equilibrium conditions for a rigid body on a rough plane in the case of axially symmetric distribution of normal pressures
I. I. Argatov
The motion of a rotating body in a resisting medium
V. S. Aslanov
The invariance and optimal stabilization of the pursuing motion of a manipulator
I. A. Mukhametzyanov
Time-optimal control of two components of the state vector of a linear mechanical system
V. A. Svetlitskii
An axisymmetric contact problem for half-space inhomogeneous in depth
V. M. Alexandrov and V. V. Klindukhov
Inverse problems of inelastic deformation of inhomogeneous media
I. Yu. Tsvelodub
The propagation of elastic waves in a right-angled wedge after facet impact on a fixed plane obstacle
N. A. Veklich
An analytical method for solving dynamic problems for layered media with inclusions
O. D. Pryakhina and A. V. Smirnova
On a statically indeterminate state of a perfectly plastic layer compressed between rough rigid surfaces
L. A. Maksimova
A generalization of Shield's self-similar solutions of the axially symmetric problem of plasticity
Yu. N. Bakhareva and Yu. N. Radaev
A model of a viscoplastic body taking into account the loading history
V. M. Greshnov
The calculation of the Lode parameters when processing the results of experiments
K. F. Komkov
The shapes of a rheonomic bar in a gravity field
K. I. Romanov
The far-range asymptotic behavior of the stress field in the problem of crack growth in a creeping damaged medium
V. I. Astaf'ev and L. V. Stepanova
A limiting state of orthotropic ice plates
V. M. Nikireev
Elastoplastic transverse bending of profiled plates reinforced along the principal stress and strain directions
Yu. V. Nemirovskii and A. P. Yankovskii
Dynamic behavior of thin-walled electroelastic systems
E. P. Kligman, V. P. Matveenko, and N. A. Yurlova
Volume: 40 • Number: 2 • Year: 2005 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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