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O. D. Pryakhina and A. V. Smirnova, "An analytical method for solving dynamic problems for layered media with inclusions," Mech. Solids. 40 (2), 71-79 (2005)
Year 2005 Volume 40 Number 2 Pages 71-79
Title An analytical method for solving dynamic problems for layered media with inclusions
Author(s) O. D. Pryakhina (Krasnodar)
A. V. Smirnova (Krasnodar)
Abstract An efficient analytical method is proposed for the solution of dynamic problems for layered media containing inclusion-type defects at the interfaces between the layers. New matrix function formulas and systems of integral equations which relate the displacements and the stress jumps on the inclusion boundaries are derived. For some specific media, a number of examples of using the relations obtained is given and the numerical analysis is performed.

A method of constructing the solution of dynamic problems for layered media in the presence of crack-type defects was proposed in [1, 2]. Other approaches to the solution of the problems of this kind were presented in [3-9]. The conditions for the localization of vibration processes due to a system of cracks and/or inclusions were established in [5-6].

The investigation of the issues under consideration is motivated by their practical importance in the field of seismology, seismography, defectoscopy, electronics, etc.
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Received 22 June 2004
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