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Volume: 37 • Number: 1 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Construction of attitude control laws for a rigid body using quaternions and standard forms of equations governing transient processes. Part 1
Yu. N. Chelnokov
Determination of parameters of angular and linear motions of a rigid body according to the inertial information in the form of increments of multiple integrals of the parameters to be measured
Yu. A. Litmanovich
On the periodic motion of Lagrange's top with vibrating suspension
O. V. Kholostova
Secondary resonance effects in the rotation of a rigid body about a fixed point
Yu. M. Zabolotnov and V. V. Lyubimov
On the motion of a homogeneous rotating disk along a plane in the case of combined friction
A. A. Kireenkov
On the surfacing effect for a heavy rigid body in a fluid
M. V. Deryabin and V. V. Kozlov
On one structural model of the Cosserat medium
G. L. Brovko
Asymptotic modeling of equilibrium of a rigid body based on the plane surface of an elastic foundation at several points
I. I. Argatov
Determination of the elastic properties of materials from experiments for solid cylinders
V. F. Astapov, A. A. Markin, and M. Yu. Sokolova
Periodicity of inhomogeneous structures realizing the limiting capabilities under the action of elastic waves
E. L. Gusev
Elastic-plastic analysis of damage in the well bottom zone
G. K. Wong, S. M. Kapustyanskii, V. N. Nikolaevskii, and Ya. V. Shlyapoberskii
Deformation and fracture of a rigid-plastic strip subjected to tension
A. I. Khromov
A model of 3D dynamics of a body of revolution interacting with low-strength media and nonsymmetric cavitation
K. Yu. Osipenko and I. V. Simonov
Ritz method for approximate solution of boundary value problems in the nonlinear theory of thin shells
I. G. Teregulov and S. N. Timergaliev
Stability and post-critical behavior of an inverted 3D pendulum under non-potential loading
A. V. Petrovskii
A modified method of asymptotic integration: application to the construction of the theory of orthotropic rods. Part 2
Yu. I. Butenko
Volume: 37 • Number: 1 • Year: 2002 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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