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Volume: 34 • Number: 3 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Controlled damping of two-frequency vibrations
M. Ya. Izrailovich
Influence of the hysteresis of a compliant support on the spherical motion of a body carrying a flywheel
V. A. Sinitsyn
Robust positioning of a manipulator with weak integral feedback
I. V. Burkov, A. A. Pervozvanskii, and L. B. Freidovich
Indentation of an annular punch into an elastic layer with a thin reinforcing coating
N. V. Generalova and E. V. Kovalenko
Unsteady contact problem of the indentation of a rigid punch into an elastic half-plane
V. B. Zelentsov
Numerical study of the oblique impact of bodies with different densities
V. A. Gorel'skii, S. A. Zelepugin, and V. N. Sidorov
Asymptotic behavior of a solution to the problem of the scattering of an elastic wave by a thin-walled foreign inclusion
V. F. Emets, G. S. Kit, and Ya. I. Kunets
On the flow of a strip of an ideal scleroplastic material weakened by shallow grooves
L. A. Maksimova
Ideally plastic stress state of a solid near a spherical cavity
V. G. Efremov
Plastic deformation of hardening materials under cyclic loadings within the framework of the synthesis plasticity theory
Ya. F. Andrusik and K. N. Rusinko
Fracture criteria for viscoelastic aging solids
V. M. Pestrikov
A tensile crack in an elastic medium with variable properties subject to plane deformation
T. A. Belyakova and E. V. Lomakin
The stress state of a homogeneous elastic plane with a star-shaped crack under mixed boundary conditions on the crack faces
V. N. Akopyan and A. V. Saakyan
On the "beam" approach to crack propagation problems
S. A. Zegzhda, N. F. Morozov, and B. N. Semenov
A method for determining strains in shells based on the in-focus image holographic interferometry
A. K. Shalabanov
Buckling analysis of restored three-layer plates in axial compression
V. S. Safronov and I. K. Turkin
Stability of a plane shape of a curvilinear rod
V. A. Svetlitskii
Comparison of the solutions of Kirchhoff-Love and Timoshenko equations for cylindrical shells
A. V. Netrebko, S. V. Novotnyi, and Yu. A. Sozonenko
Influence of seismic load spectrum on the dynamic response of structures
V. V. Bolotin, V. P. Radin, O. V. Trifonov, and V. P. Chirkov
Transient processes in deep-sea pipelines
D. K. Andreichenko
Qualitative properties of optimal design of nonhomogeneous structures subject to the action of acoustic waves
E. L. Gusev
Volume: 34 • Number: 3 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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