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Volume: 34 • Number: 2 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Construction and analysis of quaternion differential equations in the problem of identification of the orientation of a rigid body using a strapdown inertial navigation system
P. K. Plotnikov
Oscillations of the interacting systems distributed parameters
L. D. Akulenko and S. V. Nesterov
Maximal guaranteed accuracy of a bang-bang regulator in a one-dimensional stabilization problem
V. F. Ivanova and B. N. Sokolov
Dynamical decoupling of systems of bodies with closed loops
A. I. Telegin
On a relevant form of boundary conditions for problems of elasticity
L. I. Fridman
On the deplanation of a crystal face in the conditions of surface diffusion
N. F. Morozov, M. V. Paukshto, and P. E. Tovstik
A variational method for solving direct and inverse problems of elasticity for a semi-infinite strip
V. F. Chekurin
A modified semianalytical finite element method for piecewise-homogeneous bodies with noncanonical interfaces
N. A. Eremina
On a new formulation of boundary integral equations in problems of vibration of anisotropic solids
A. O. Vatul'yan and E. V. Sadchikov
Nonlinear dynamics of a plane fibrous composite taking into account the width of the fiber
I. V. Andrianov, V. A. Mikolenko, and E. G. Kholod
Analysis of high-speed penetration of very porous impactor into a target of finite thickness
S. A. Afanas'eva, N. N. Belov, K. I. Kozorezov, S. V. Starenchenko, M. V. Khabibullin, and N. T. Yugov
Calculation of hardening stresses in steel members taking into account viscoelastoplastic properties and the change in the phase composition
V. G. Leshkovtsev and A. M. Pokrovskii
On optimal paths of deformation and fracture in creep
I. Yu. Tsvelodub
On strain hardening of rock materials
B. A. Rychkov
Continuous models of fracture of solids subjected to nonsteady loads. II
A. I. Glushko and I. I. Neshcheretov
Mechanics of growth of internal fatigue cracks
V. V. Bolotin, M. Yu. Panov, and O. V. Trifonov
Thermoelasticity of an isotropic plate with corner inclusions
I. T. Denisyuk
Precession vibration of conic shells in complex rotation
V. I. Gulyaev, A. A. Grom, and N. A. Snezhko
Stability of a rectangular plate loaded by a concentrated force
S. Yu. Veselkov
Supercritical behavior of bimodal optimal rods
O. G. Privalova and A. P. Seiranyan
Some classes of particular solutions in the dynamics of a rigid body interacting with a medium
M. V. Shamolin
Volume: 34 • Number: 2 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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