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Volume: 34 • Number: 4 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 25<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Optimization of tuning of a gyrodin system with minimal redundancy
V. N. Vasil'ev
Analysis of the accuracy of the solution to the aircraft gravity gradiometry problem
I. A. Papusha
Steady-state motions of two linked bodies
G. V. Mozalevskaya and E. I. Kharlamova
The motion of a nearly-Hamiltonian system with one degree of freedom in the case of a fourth-order resonance
O. V. Kholostova
Analysis of natural vibration of a shaft with disks using the Lagrange equations of the first kind
S. A. Zegzhda and M. P. Yushkov
Stability of the rotor of an induction motor in the magnetic field of the current windings
D. Yu. Skubov and I. V. Shumakovich
Three-dimensional contact problem for a two-layered elastic base with an unknown contact area
V. M. Alexandrov, J. J. Kalker, and D. A. Pozharskii
Interaction of punches on an elastic half-space
I. I. Argatov
Effect of taking into account weak compressibility of a material in the problems of elasticity with finite strains
V. G. Kuznetsova and A. A. Rogovoi
Analysis of the effective elastic properties of a unidirectional glass-reinforced plastic by the generalized self-consistency method
A. A. Pan'kov
Constitutive equations for isotropic multimodulus media. II. Nonlinear equations
N. M. Matchenko, L. A. Tolokonnikov, and A. A. Treshchev
Influence of the volume diffusion on the instability of a surface layer under thermal loading
N. F. Morozov, M. V. Paukshto, and P. E. Tovstik
To the method of complex solution to dynamic problems of plane elasticity for anisotropic media
I. O. Osipov
Comparison of penetration of star-shaped and conic bodies
Yu. K. Bivin
Interaction of plane elastic waves with systems of radial defects
V. G. Popov
Deformation of metals under complex loading with abrupt rotation of the axes of the stress tensor
A. M. Zhukov
On the constitutive equations of aging materials taking into account physical and chemical processes
V. M. Pestrikov
On the determination of the workability diagram
S. E. Aleksandrov, D. Vilotic, R. V. Goldstein, and N. N. Chikanova
Irreversible deformation of an incompressible medium subjected to uniform compression near a spherical cavity
A. A. Burenin, M. V. Goncharov, and L. V. Kovtanyuk
Investigation of the creep buckling of a rod on the basis of the Calladine-Drucker theorem
K. I. Romanov
Successive formation of two unequal elliptic holes in a viscoelastic incompressible solid: Finite strains
K. M. Zingerman and V. A. Levin
The anti-plane problem for a crack propagating with an arbitrary speed in an anisotropic medium
A. G. Bagdoev and A. V. Shekoyan
Linear theory of a plane orthogonal lattice
L. S. Rybakov
Accuracy estimates and correction of approximation of Green's frequency functions for elastic rods and beams
A. F. Starikov
Modeling of the flight of a high-speed elastic missile with latticed control surfaces
V. A. Podobedov, A. T. Ponomarev, and V. M. Popov
Volume: 34 • Number: 4 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 25<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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