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Volume: 34 • Number: 1 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
A nonlinear game problem of reorientation of an asymmetric rigid body
V. I. Vorotnikov
Equivalence of Euler's and Cayley-Klein's variables in the kinematics of a rigid body
Yu. F. Golubev
On the Free Motion of a Viscoelastic Ball
G. G. Denisov and V. V. Novikov
A method for analyzing the resonance motion of a nonlinear oscillatory system
Yu. M. Zabolotnov
Gradient theory of elasticity
G. A. Vanin
On the analysis of a solid subject to a frontal phase transformation of its medium
V. K. Trincher
Stress state of matrix and cylindrical inclusion made of a hard superconductor under its magnetization in a transverse field
E. A. Devyatkin and I. V. Simonov
Axisymmetric contact of two temperature-sensitive bodies with different temperatures
A. A. Yevtushenko, E. V. Kovalenko, and R. D. Kulchitsky-Zhyhailo
The nonstationary axisymmetric problem of electroelasticity for a thick circular anisotropic piezoceramic plate
Yu. E. Senitskii and D. A. Shlyakhin
Diffraction of an elastic SH-wave on an impedance semiinfinite plate
S. E. Nosov
To the theory of kinematically definable states of an ideally plastic body
M. A. Artemov and D. D. Ivlev
On the modeling of the contact interaction in the mechanics of quasi-brittle fracture
N. V. Banichuk and A. V. Sharanyuk
A semi-infinite crack parallel to the boundary of an elastic half-space
V. V. Tikhomirov
Stress intensity factors for a crack in an anisotropic medium
S. V. Kuznetsov
Growth of hydrogen delaminations in a metal
A. V. Balueva and I. N. Dashevskii
Continuous models of fracture of solids subjected to nonsteady loads. I
A. I. Glushko and I. I. Neshcheretov
Numerical analysis of processes of deformation of a layered rock mass in the neighborhood of an oil well
N. G. Burago and A. N. Kovshov
To the problem of reducing the equations of elasticity to 2D equations of shell mechanics
V. V. Pikul'
A modified method of elastic solutions and estimation of its efficiency in problems of plasticity for shells of revolution
V. A. Merzlyakov
Stability of multilayer composite shells in axial compression: theory and experiment
O. A. Belova, I. A. Gorokhova, and S. N. Sukhinin
Eigenvalue analysis for the operator in panel flutter problems
S. D. Algazin and I. A. Kiiko
Volume: 34 • Number: 1 • Year: 1999 • Total articles: 21<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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