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G.N. Kuvyrkin and I.Yu. Savelieva, "Thermomechanical Model of Nonlocal Deformation of a Solid," Mech. Solids. 51 (3), 256-262 (2016)
Year 2016 Volume 51 Number 3 Pages 256-262
DOI 10.3103/S002565441603002X
Title Thermomechanical Model of Nonlocal Deformation of a Solid
Author(s) G.N. Kuvyrkin (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, ul. 2-ya Baumanskaya 5, Moscow, 105005 Russia,
I.Yu. Savelieva (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, ul. 2-ya Baumanskaya 5, Moscow, 105005 Russia,
Abstract We use relations of rational thermodynamics of irreversible processes for a continuous medium with intrinsic state parameters and Eringen's model of nonlocal theory of elasticity to study the approach to the construction of mathematical models of thermomechanical processes in a deformable body with regard to the effects of temporal and spatial nonlocality of the continuous medium.
Keywords thermomechanics, nonlocal deformation, heat conduction, intrinsic state parameter, surface heating
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Received 11 January 2016
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