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Abashev D.R. and Bondar V.S., "Modified Theory of Plasticity for Monotonic and Cyclic Deformation Processes," Mech. Solids. 56 (1), 4-12 (2021)
Year 2021 Volume 56 Number 1 Pages 4-12
DOI 10.3103/S0025654421010027
Title Modified Theory of Plasticity for Monotonic and Cyclic Deformation Processes
Author(s) Abashev D.R. (Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow, 107023 Russia)
Bondar V.S. (Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow, 107023 Russia,
Abstract Based on the analysis of the results of experimental studies of 121810 stainless steel specimens under a rigid (controlled deformation) process of deformation, which includes a sequence of monotonic and cyclic loading modes, some features and differences in isotropic and anisotropic hardening processes under monotonic and cyclic loading are revealed. To describe these features within the framework of the theory of plasticity in the space of the plastic strain tensor, a criterion for changing the direction of plastic deformation and a memory surface are introduced, which made it possible to separate the processes of monotonic and cyclic deformation. To describe the transient processes, evolutionary equations are formulated for the parameters of isotropic and anisotropic hardening. The calculated and experimental changes in the stress-strain states are compared for the process of monotonic and cyclic loading.
Keywords monotonic and cyclic loading, plasticity theory, memory surface, basic experiment, identification method
Received 01 November 2018Revised 08 October 2019Accepted 05 December 2019
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