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Volume: 55 • Number: 5 • Year: 2020 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Flexural Rigidity of Multilayer Plates
N.F. Morozov, P.E. Tovstik, and T.P. Tovstik
Cracks of a New Type and Models of Some Nano Materials
V.A. Babeshko, O.M. Babeshko, and O.V. Evdokimova
Nonlinear Tensor Functions of Two Arguments and Some "Orthogonal Effects" of the Stress-Strain State
D.V. Georgievskii
On the Reconstruction of the Characteristics of the Plane Initial Stress State
A.O. Vatulyan and R.D. Nedin
Fractography, Fracture Toughness and Structural Turbulence Under Low-Temperature Shock Loading of a Nonequilibrium Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V
I.V. Vlasov, V.Ye. Yegorushkin, V.Ye. Panin, A.V. Panin, and O.B. Perevalova
Mechanics of Growing and Heat Treatment Processes of Monocrystalline Silicon
N.A. Verezub and A.I. Prostomolotov
Modelling of Cylinder Indentation into a Viscoelastic Layer
I.G. Goryacheva and A.A. Yakovenko
Nonlinear Effects Simulated by a Viscoelastic Maxwell-Type Model for Finite Deformations
N.S. Stetsenko
Spatial and Temporal Discreetness as a Crucial Property of the Dynamic Fracture Process
N.A. Kazarinov, Yu.V. Petrov, and A.V. Cherkasov
Influence of Surface Effects in the Problems of the Theory of Elasticity for Domains Bounded by Non-Concentric Circles
D.V. Gandilyan and K.B. Ustinov
Unsteady Elastic Diffusion Model of a Simply Supported Timoshenko Beam Vibrations
A.V. Vestyak and A.V. Zemskov
Universal Solutions of Nonlinear Dislocation Theory for Elastic Cylinder
L.M. Zubov
Asymptotic Methods for Studying an Elliptical Boundary Layer in Shells of Revolution under Normal Type Shock End Impacts
I.V. Kirillova and L.Yu. Kossovich
Investigation of the Problems of Durability of Orthotropic Polygonal Plates under Broadband Acoustic Exposure Taking into Account the Effects of Radiation
S.L. Denisov, V.F. Kopyev, A.L. Medvedsky, and N.N. Ostrikov
Aeroelastic Stability of Cylindrical Shells with Elliptical Cross-Section
S.A. Bochkarev, S.V. Lekomtsev, and V.P. Matveenko
Kinematic Equations along Characteristics in Compressible Flows on the Facets of an Arbitrary Piecewise Linear Yield Criterion
Y.N. Radayev
Axisymmetric and Non-Axisymmetric Vibration of Thin Growing Viscoelastic Disc
M.Y. Shatalov, S.V. Joubert, and A.J. Peck
Volume: 55 • Number: 5 • Year: 2020 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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