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M.A. Il'gamov, "Dynamics of a Pipeline under the Action of Internal Shock Pressure," Mech. Solids. 52 (6), 663-674 (2017)
Year 2017 Volume 52 Number 6 Pages 663-674
DOI 10.3103/S0025654417060061
Title Dynamics of a Pipeline under the Action of Internal Shock Pressure
Author(s) M.A. Il'gamov (Blagonravov Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Malyi Kharitonievskii per. 4, Moscow, 101990 Russia; Institute of Mechanics of the Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pr. Oktyabrya 71, Ufa, 450054 Russia,
Abstract The static and dynamic bending of a pipeline in the vertical plane under the action of its own weight is considered with regard to the interaction of the internal pressure with the curvature of the axial line and the axisymmetric deformation. The pressure consists of a constant and time-varying parts and is assumed to be uniformly distributed over the entire span between the supports. The pipeline reaction to the stepwise increase in the pressure is analyzed in the case where it is possible to determine the exact solution of the problem. The initial stage of bending determined by the smallness of elastic forces as compared to the inertial forces is introduced into the consideration. At this stage, the solution is sought in the form of power series and the law of pressure variation can be arbitrary. This solution provides initial conditions for determining the further process. The duration of the inertial stage is compared with the times of sharp changes of the pressure and the shock waves in fluids. The structure parameters are determined in the case where the shock pressure is accepted only by the inertial forces in the pipeline.
Keywords pipeline, internal pressure, shock waves, statics and dynamics, inertial stage of deformation
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Received 21 September 2016
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