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Volume: 44 • Number: 6 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Self-Vibration-Induced Wear of a Friction Pair
V. Ph. Zhuravlev and O. N. Ozerskii
On Estimates of the Balanced Gyro Drift and the Accuracy of the Magnus Formula
N. I. Amelíkin
Control of Motion of a Legged Locomotion Machine with Minimal-Power Motor
E. S. Briskin, V. V. Zhoga, and A. V. Maloletov
Studies of Quality of Geometrically Nonlinear Elasticity Theory for Small Strains and Arbitrary Displacements
D. V. Berezhnoi, V. N. Paimushin, and V. I. Shalashilin
Construction of Discrete-Continual Models in Structure Analysis for Extreme Dynamic Loadings
V. V. Bolotin and O. V. Trifonov
A Long Wave Low Frequency Motion Model for a Finitely Sheared Elastic Layer
S. R. Amirova and G. A. Rogerson
Spectral Properties of Some Problems in Mechanics of Strongly Inhomogeneous Media
D. A. Kosmodemíyanskii and A. S. Shamaev
Forced Vibrations of a Boxed Shell of Square Cross-Section
V. M. Vorobelí, G. Ya. Popov, and V. V. Reut
Recursive-Operator Method in Vibration Problems for Rod Systems
E. V. Rozhkova
Asymptotic Solutions by the Successive Disordering Method
A. A. Paníkov
Static and Dynamic Characteristics of a Multi-Layer Electroelastic Solid
S. M. Afonin
Mechanical Behavior of Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V with Unprepared Microstructure under Jumpwise Variations of the Strain Rate in the Superplastic State
S. S. Bkhattacharya, O. I. Bylya, R. A. Vasin, and K. A. Padmanabhan
Strain-Energy Failure Criterion for Rigid-Plastic Bodies
A. A. Bukhaníko, A. L. Grigoríeva, E. P. Kocherov, and A. I. Khromov
Erratum to: "On the Existence of Stress Concentrations in Loaded Bodies Made of Polycrystalline Materials"
P. V. Galpchyan
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Volume: 44 • Number: 6 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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