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Volume: 43 • Number: 3 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
On the occasion of D. M. Klimov seventy-fifth birthday
Global motion of the celt
V. Ph. Zhuravlev and D. M. Klimov
Amplitude control contour in a hemispherical resonator gyro with automatic compensation for difference in Q-factors
Yu. K. Zhbanov
On limit motions of a system of control moment gyros with intrinsic dissipation in a homogeneous gravitational field
N. I. Amelkin
Global qualitative analysis of tippe top dynamics
A. V. Karapetyan
Mathematical model of the sensor unit for processing on-board algorithms of navigation systems
E. Yu. Alekhova
Iteration scheme for accelerometer unit calibration by a guaranteeing approach
Yu. V. Bolotin, A. V. Derevyankin, and A. I. Matasov
Parametric oscillations and stability of systems with large modulation coefficient
L. D. Akulenko and S. V. Nesterov
Averaging method in the motion stability problem for a rotating body suspended on a long rigid string
V. N. Koshlyakov
Control of nonlinear vibrations of vibrating ring microgyroscope
Yu. G. Martynenko, I. V. Merkuryev, and V. V. Podalkov
Problem of information equivalent functional schemes in aided inertial navigation systems
N. B. Vavilova, A. A. Golovan, and N. A. Parusnikov
To the problem of plane periodic rotations of a satellite in an elliptic orbit
A. P. Markeev
Combined model of sliding and rolling friction in dynamics of bodies on a rough plane
A. A. Kireenkov
Modeling the contact wear fracture of a two-layer basement
I. G. Goryacheva and E. V. Torskaya
Identification of a plane crack in an elastic body by invariant integrals
A. V. Kaptsov and E. I. Shifrin
To determination of the strength of nanodimensional objects
R. V. Goldstein, N. M. Osipenko, and A. V. Chentsov
On the refinement of boundary conditions for the beam model of the cantilever of the atomic force microscope and their influence on the interpretation of the measurement results
K. B. Ustinov
Numerical study of the influence of boundary conditions on the dynamic behavior of a cylindrical shell conveying a fluid
S. A. Bochkarev and V. P. Matveenko
On the stability of a plate under longitudinal compression on a two-layer half-space with lower layer prestressed by gravity forces
V. M. Alexandrov and D. I. Zarubov
Numerical modeling of cutting processes for elastoplastic materials in 3D-statement
V. N. Kukudzhanov and A. L. Levitin
Torsion of cylindrical bodies with varying strain properties
E. V. Lomakin
Conformal contact between layered foundations and punches
K. E. Kazakov and A. V. Manzhirov
Volume: 43 • Number: 3 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 22<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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