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V. S. Aslanov and A. V. Doroshin, "Two cases of motion of an unbalanced gyrostat," Mech. Solids. 41 (4), 29-39 (2006)
Year 2006 Volume 41 Number 4 Pages 29-39
Title Two cases of motion of an unbalanced gyrostat
Author(s) V. S. Aslanov (Samara)
A. V. Doroshin (Samara)
Abstract We consider two cases of motion of an unbalanced gyrostat, namely, a heavy dynamically symmetric gyrostat with arbitrary internal interaction moment and a free gyrostat with internal moment of special form. For the heavy gyrostat, we obtain general solutions of the equations of motion in terms of Jacobi elliptic functions and study the mode of "lunar" motion. We consider the motion of the free gyrostat whose rotor rotates around the principal axis of inertia of the platform (this axis corresponds to the maximum moment of inertia) under the action of a moment of special form. In this case, the solutions of the dynamic equations of motion are also found in terms of elliptic functions admitting the subsequent solution of the Darboux problem. The solutions obtained can be used in applied problems of space flight mechanics, in particular, in problems of spacecraft reentry and in the description of the motion and realignment of a satellite-gyrostat in space.
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Received 23 May 2005
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