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D. D. Ivlev and L. A. Maksimova, "To the theory of statically determinate states of solids," Mech. Solids. 41 (4), 101-105 (2006)
Year 2006 Volume 41 Number 4 Pages 101-105
Title To the theory of statically determinate states of solids
Author(s) D. D. Ivlev (Cheboksary)
L. A. Maksimova (Moscow)
Abstract For an isotropic solid, we consider a limit statically determinate state different from the full plasticity condition. We assume that the principal stresses are fixed. The three variables determining the orientation of the principal stresses in the Cartesian frame are the unknowns. We show that the system of equations for the stresses and the displacement velocities is of hyperbolic type and that the directions of principal stresses and displacement velocities are characteristic directions.
1.  D. D. Ivlev, Theory of Ideal Plasticity [in Russian], Nauka, Moscow, 1966.
2.  A. Yu. Ishlinskii and D. D. Ivlev, Mathematical Theory of Plasticity [in Russian], Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2001.
3.  L. A. Maksimova, "On linearized equations of spatial flows of ideally plastic bodies," Doklady RAN, Vol. 385, No. 6, pp. 772-773, 1998.
Received 20 December 2004
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