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V. M. Alexandrov and V. V. Klindukhov, "An axisymmetric contact problem for half-space inhomogeneous in depth," Mech. Solids. 40 (2), 46-50 (2005)
Year 2005 Volume 40 Number 2 Pages 46-50
Title An axisymmetric contact problem for half-space inhomogeneous in depth
Author(s) V. M. Alexandrov (Moscow)
V. V. Klindukhov (Moscow)
Abstract An axisymmetric contact problem is considered for a half-space with the elastic moduli growing exponentially with the depth. Beforehand, an axisymmetric problem of the equilibrium of this half-space under the action of a distributed normal load is solved. Based on this solution, the contact problem is reduced to the integral equation for the contact pressure. For numerically solving this equation, a modified version of the method of orthogonal polynomials [1] is used. Numerical results are presented.
1.  V. M. Alexandrov and V. V. Klindukhov, "Contact problems for a two-layer elastic base with non-perfect mechanical contact between the layers," Izv. AN. MTT [Mechanics of Solids], No. 3, pp. 84-92, 2000.
2.  G. Ya. Popov, "On the theory of bending of plates on an inhomogeneous half-space," Izv. Vuzov. Stroitel'stvo i Arkhitektura, No. 11-12, pp. 11-19, 1959.
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4.  V. M. Alexandrov and D. A. Pozharskii, Nonclassical Spatial Problems in Mechanics of Contact Interactions of Elastic Bodies [in Russian], Factorial, Moscow, 1998.
5.  L. V. Kantorovich and V. I. Krylov, Approximate Methods of Higher Analysis [in Russian], Gostekhizdat, Moscow, Leningrad, 1949.
Received 03 October 2004
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