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I. I. Argatov, "Equilibrium conditions for a rigid body on a rough plane in the case of axially symmetric distribution of normal pressures," Mech. Solids. 40 (2), 11-20 (2005)
Year 2005 Volume 40 Number 2 Pages 11-20
Title Equilibrium conditions for a rigid body on a rough plane in the case of axially symmetric distribution of normal pressures
Author(s) I. I. Argatov (St. Petersburg)
Abstract The issue of determining the conditions for limiting equilibrium of a rigid body based on a rough surface is studied. The distribution of the normal pressures is assumed to be axially symmetric. Friction forces obey the Amonton-Coulomb law. The solution is obtained within the framework of Zhukovskii's theory. The concept of the limiting equilibrium curve is introduced and the convexity of this curve is proved. A sufficient equilibrium condition is established. The deceleration of a disk moving along a rough surface is considered under the assumption that the distributions of mass and normal pressures over the body are axially symmetric. It is shown that the linear and angular velocities of the disk vanish simultaneously.
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Received 22 May 2003
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