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V. A. Samsonov and Yu. D. Selyutskii, "Vibration of a plate in the flow of a resisting medium," Mech. Solids. 39 (4), 19-25 (2004)
Year 2004 Volume 39 Number 4 Pages 19-25
Title Vibration of a plate in the flow of a resisting medium
Author(s) V. A. Samsonov (Moscow)
Yu. D. Selyutskii (Moscow)
Abstract An approach to the analysis of translatory vibrations of rigid plates (for example, wings or blades) subjected to the flow of a medium is proposed. In this approach, the internal dynamics of the medium is modeled by an apparent oscillator. It is shown that for a reasonably broad range of the conditions of the motion and aerodynamic characteristics of the plates, there exists a unified set of the values of the system parameters that provides good agreement with the familiar experimental data. An efficient parametric analysis is performed. The results of this analysis allow one to state the criteria of applicability of the traditional quasi-static model to the problem in question.
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Received 18 April 2002
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