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Volume: 38 • Number: 1 • Year: 2003 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
To the problem of stability of pendulum-like vibrations of a rigid body in Kovalevskaya's case
A. P. Markeev, S. V. Medvedev, and T. N. Chekhovskaya
A single-channel bang-bang controller for guaranteed stabilization of translational motions of a rigid body with internal degrees of freedom
B. N. Sokolov
Action-angle canonical variables for the motion of a rigid body under the action of a biharmonic torque
V. S. Aslanov and I. A. Timbai
Quasi-static motions of a two-member linkage along a horizontal plane
T. Yu. Figurina
Separation of motions in a mechanical system with different frequencies that does not contain small or large parameters in an explicit form
A. V. Vlakhova and I. V. Novozhilov
Autoresonant oscillations in a restricted-excitation system
M. E. Gerts and M. M. Gerts
On the mechanical model of frictional self-excited vibrations with an inclined elastic force
V. V. Andronov
Scalar formulation of static problems in elasticity
E. A. Leonova
An elasticity problem for a gravitating ball and some geometrical effects
V. V. Vasil'ev and L. V. Fedorov
Contact problem for a rigid wedge and an elastic half-plane with adhesion and slip
V. I. Ostrik and A. F. Ulitko
The Prandtl problem for the plane stress state
V. M. Nikireev
Strength of joints of compound plates
M. A. Zadoyan
On plastic compression of a porous body
A. G. Zalazinskii, A. A. Polyakov, and A. P. Polyakov
Evolution of equilibrium of smooth curvilinear cracks with frictional interaction between the edges in the process of loading
A. V. Andreev, R. V. Goldstein, and Yu. V. Zhitnikov
A method for calculating stress-strain state in elastic systems with unilateral constraints
V. V. Firsanov
Quadratic approximation of large displacements of a flexible compressed beam
I. S. Astapov, N. S. Astapov, and E. L. Vasil'eva
Impulsive loading of thin-walled composite structural members
A. V. Sibiryakov
On free vibrations localized near the free edge of a semi-infinite closed circular cylindrical shell
G. R. Gulgazaryan
Volume: 38 • Number: 1 • Year: 2003 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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