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Volume: 54 • Number: 6 • Year: 2019 • Total articles: 14<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Approximation of Expressions for the Force and Moment of Force of Dry Friction
A.A. Zagordan and E.A. Privalov
Solution of the Inverse Spectral Problem for a Rod Weakened by Transverse Cracks by the Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization Algorithm
I.M. Lebedev and E.I. Shifrin
Using Piece-Analytical and Piece-Linear Forms of Hereditary-Type Constitutive Equations in Studying Creep of Metals
G.Z. Sharafutdinov
Modeling of Fracture of Spatial Concrete Structures Under Impulse Loads
C.G. Zhang, S.P. Batuev, P.A. Radchenko, and A.V. Radchenko
On Stability of the Motion of Electrodynamic Tether System in Orbit Near the Earth
P.S. Voevodin and Yu.M. Zabolotnov
Power Line Deformation Dynamics
R.Sh. Gimadiev
Experimental and Theoretical Method for Determining Mechanical Characteristics of Soils under Dynamic Loads
P.V. Loginov, Z.R. Salikhova, and K.S. Sultanov
Loss of Stability of a Rod from a Shape-Memory Alloy Caused by Reverse Martensitic Transformation
S.A. Dumanskii and A.A. Movchan
Quaternion Solution of the Problem of Optimal Rotation of the Orbit Plane of a Variable-Mass Spacecraft Using Thrust Orthogonal to the Orbit Plane
Ya.G. Sapunkov and Yu.N. Chelnokov
On Values Characterizing the Degree of Elastic Anisotropy of Transversely Isotropic Rocks; Role of Shear Modulus
A.B. Zhuravlev and K.B. Ustinov
Vibrations of a Piston Pin with Eccentric Center of Gravity
M.M. Sorochkin
A Continuum-on-Atomistic Framework with Bi-Stable Elements for the Computation of Minimum Free Energy Paths
M.H. Ulz
Erratum to: Layer-by-Layer Analysis of the Stress-Strain State of Three-Layer Shells with Cutouts
V.N. Bakulin
Erratum to: Conceptual Design Algorithm of a Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Mobile Robot for Educational Purposes
A. Shariati, A.H. Shamekhi, A. Ghaffari, S. Gholampour, and K. Motaghed A
Volume: 54 • Number: 6 • Year: 2019 • Total articles: 14<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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